Megan Fox Is A Major Slay In A Chainmail Bikini For Her 'SI' Cover

Megan Fox Is A Major Slay In A Chainmail Bikini For Her 'SI' Cover
  • Megan Fox is one of the newest cover stars for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023 issue.

  • In the pics, the actress is super strong, confident, and glowy in a golden chainmail bikini top and thong.

  • Megan has been open about her struggles with body dysmorphia, but works with a celeb trainer to channel her inner (and outer) strength.

ICYMI, Megan Fox was *beyond* confident and strong in her first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023 cover shoot, which dropped this week. In the pics, the Transformers actress, 36, was decked out in a gold seashell chainmail bikini top and a gold thong for the shoot, which highlighted her incredibly strong abs, arms, legs and booty.

The post from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram account was absolutely flooded with fire emojis. "We know, we’re just as speechless. Actress and mom of three #MeganFox whose beauty only skims the surface is gracing the cover of #SISwim23, but it’s her aura that she wishes more people would notice," the mag wrote in the caption. Megan's fans were totally obsessed with her shoot. One commented, "She has never looked more beautiful and confident ❤️🌈," and another wrote, "Such a genuine soul ❤️."

Megan's photographer, Greg Swales, posted the cover pic on his account, too:

The SI account also featured Megan in another video post with some behind-the-scenes interviews. "She’s an actress, she’s a mom and she’s gracing the cover of the #SISwim23 issue!" the mag captioned the next post.

In the clip, which you can watch on SI Swimsuit's IG page, Megan talks about her journey finding self-worth and self-respect in a difficult industry. "What I most want people to know is I'm a genuine soul who is hoping to actually belong to something and not always have to live as a misunderstood outcast. And if they don't respect you, that drains you," she shared. "And if you're doing that constantly in a cycle, that's going to wear down your self-worth and self respect. I want all people, not just women, to have respect for their bodies and for themselves."

Megan was certainly channeling lots of confidence in her latest cover shoot, she has also been open about her struggle with body dysmorphia. She shared with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (via Insider), "I have body dysmorphia. I don't ever see myself really the way other people see me. There is never a point in my life where I loved my body. Never, ever," she said.

Megan also talked how her upbringing impacted her body image. "When I was little, that was like an obsession I had, that I should look this way. And why I had an awareness of my body that young, I'm not sure. And it definitely wasn't environmental because I grew up in a very religious environment where bodies weren't even acknowledged."

She also added, "The journey of loving myself is going to be neverending, I think."

Despite her struggles, Megan makes sure to stay balanced, strong, and healthy. As part of that effort, she trains with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who told Insider that walking is a big part of the Jennifer's Body star's health routine. "The focus really is on steps, making sure you get at least 12,000 steps a day through walking, moving your body," he shared.

Clearly, Megan is busy finding her voice and confidence. Get it, Megan!

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