Megan Fox Just Opened Up About Her ‘Very Horrific’ Relationships With Celebs—And She Did Not Hold Back!

megan fox met gala
megan fox met gala
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Megan Fox is currently engaged to rapper and musician Machine Gun Kelly, but she’s had some pretty high-profile relationships in the past, and she just revealed that some of her past relationships were “very horrific.” The model appeared on Good Morning America on Nov. 7th to promote her new book of poetry, titled, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. Perhaps some of these ex’s are the inspiration for this book?

Megan Fox is a 37-year-old model and actress. Though she is engaged to Machine Gun Kelly now, she was previously married to Brian Austin Green from 2010 to 2022. In the past, she’s also publicly dated Shia LaBoeuf, who was her costar in Transformers, but she says that these “horrific” relationships were not one of these three men, rather other famous celebs that she’s chosen not to name.

Megan Fox’s calls out “abusive” ex-boyfriends

About her memoir, Fox said on GMA that while her book isn’t “an exposé or memoir,” it is about “real life experiences” that she’s had. “Throughout my life,” she began, “I have been in at least one physically abusive relationship and several psychologically very abusive relationships. … I shared energy with, I guess we could say, [people] who were horrific people and also very famous, very famous people, but no one knows that I was involved with those people.”

Megan Fox’s poems range in subject, but many of them talk about the abuse that she’s faced. One poem, titled “F***ed Up Fairy Tales” talks about a relationship with a “violent boy” who was “full of rage and insecurities” that would “hurt” her. Another poem, called “Oxycodone and Tequila,” talks of “a demon of wrath” that would hurt her until she “tasted blood on my tongue.”

She also revealed parts of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, seemingly comparing their relationship to “an addiction that no amount of prayers will ever cure,” but also called him her “true love, twin flame.”

Fan reactions

Fox posted a series of photos on Instagram promoting her new book of poetry, and fans have been leaving mixed reviews in her comment section. "About 1/3 of the way through and Megan is an amazing author," one fan wrote. "But this has 100% broken the crush I had on MGK."


"Your book was incredible," another fan posted. "I read all the poems in one go."


"A beautiful heart. A beautiful woman," another user commented. "Special words for the soul."


Her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly also posted a comment, writing, "Proud of you!!"

But others weren't so supportive. "Umm, you left your amazing loving husband of many years for a pretty boy, and instead of taking some responsibility, you decide to turn your hurt into misandry," one person posted.

"Megan Fox in toxic relationships? Damn, I never would've guessed..." another user added.

"Imagine dating a rock star, athlete, celebrity and thinking things will work out," a user commented.