Megan Fox and Her ‘Mega-Blowout Bob’ Are Going on My Winter Mood Board

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Did you know that Megan Fox is officially a best-selling poet? Well, now you do.

The actor turned author’s first book of poetry, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, only hit (digital) shelves on Tuesday, November 7, but it’s both the first and the second best-seller in Poetry on Amazon just 24 hours later—the first is a physical copy, and the second is the audiobook Fox narrated herself. This means Megan Fox has officially joined the ranks of best-selling poets Rupi Kaur, Edgar Allen Poe, and Mary Oliver. Not bad company!

Fox celebrated the publication with an event at New York City’s Racket club, during which debuted a bright, cherry red bob while reading from the collection. Fox first showed off the shade over Halloween weekend, when she dressed as a Kill Bill character with Machine Gun Kelly but gave the look an especially voluminous upgrade for her big night.

Coined the “MEGA-blowout” bob by celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, who’s known for creating especially bold bobs, this bright red do is the best of all worlds: Chic, effortless, and face-framing like the ’90s supermodel bob, but edgy and bold thanks to its radiant neon hue. A color that’s especially on trend for this winter, according to pros.

“The top trending shades for this winter season will be a mix of vibrant, enchanting reds and coppers,” says colorist Richy Kandasamy, VP of R+Color development and a R+Co collective member, pointing to Valentine red and Fox’s cherry red as shades to watch in particular.

<h1 class="title">megan fox mega blowout bob</h1><cite class="credit">Instagram/[**@dimitrishair**](</cite>

megan fox mega blowout bob


“This is a classic, reflective red shade that is glossy and rich. Alternatively, you could also ask for a cooler, satin-like finish. Go bold and you can add in some smokiness with darker reds,” Kandasamy continues. “Go the DIY route with IGK’s Color Depositing Mask in shade Tarantino Red.”

As for how Giannetos got Fox’s hair to stay so va-va-voluminous? “I used Uberliss Hairspray for extra volume,” he tells Glamour.

But if it’s the haircut you’re after (and I don't blame you if so), here’s how to get the look.

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megan fox


“The cut has the line and length of the bob, but the top layers have much more texture, so it’s lighter on top and easier to flip around,” celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena, who has created ’90s supermodel bobs on other celebrities, tells Glamour. “Flipping your hair can feel really heavy with a regular bob, since it’s cut with no part, but the flob is cut and parted all around—in the middle, on the left, and then the right—so the ends are just texturized, and it gives the hair movement.”

Translation? The ’90s supermodel bob is the easiest—and chicest—way to instantly add volume and texture to short hair. It’s no wonder Fox loves the look.

According to Mena, the secret to ensuring a truly voluminous ’90s supermodel bob are its barely there layers. “The layers are so light and blended, you don’t actually see a layer,” he says. So be sure to request super-light layers at the salon.

<h1 class="title">megan fox </h1><cite class="credit">Instagram/[@clarissalunanyc](</cite>

megan fox


As for how to ensure your ’90s supermodel bob has all that va-va-volume from the get-go? Start by switching to a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and only apply conditioner to the ends. “I don’t like to condition roots, especially with the flob,” Mena says. “Just a little bit on the ends goes a long way.”

Next, Mena advises applying mousse to wet hair. “I’ve really been liking the Leonor Greyl Mousse, because it’s very light and not sticky, and Pantene has a really great mousse as well,” he says. Once your mousse and heat-protectant are applied, dry your hair either with a blow-dryer and a round flat brush, or with blow-dry brush like the Dyson AirWrap or the Trademark Beauty Easy Blo.

<h1 class="title">megan fox</h1><cite class="credit">Instagram/[@clarissalunanyc](</cite>

megan fox


“Use a round brush to style the top, then section it into inch-and-a-half sections, and set it in rollers,” Mena says. “Let it sit while you finish getting ready, then once you’re done and it sets, it will flip around and feel moveable and touchable.”

Lastly, Mena suggests spraying texturizing spray on your roots and some light and flexible hair spray allover to finish, and brushing through the hair with a vent brush to ensure a fluffy, voluminous finish that’s catwalk-ready.

Ready for your close-up? Shop the essentials for your Megan Fox–inspired ’90s supermodel bob below. Until then, be sure to snag a copy of Pretty Boys Are Poisonous before it sells out.

Uberliss Flexin Hairspray

$25.00, Uberliss

Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long

$600.00, Amazon

Danielle Sinay is the associate beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @daniellesinay.

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