Megan Fox Responded To A Commenter Who Accused Her Of Not Shaving Her Bikini Line

Surprise! Surprise! A troll came for Megan Fox on Instagram. This time – she was accused of not properly shaving her bikini line according to the standards of a random fan.

MGK and Megan holding hands as they leave a parking lot
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On a Thursday, November 10, Instagram post, a user commented, "All that money and she can't buy a razor," he said. "She's now off my 'list.'"

the comment

What is the purpose of this list? Who else is on the list? Does it only pertain to celebrity grooming practices? I have questions.

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Luckily, the Jennifer's Body actor was dressed and ready, as always, for the occasion to deal with angry trolls.

megan posing with a gold crown in her home after getting make up done

For Halloween this year, Megan and Machine Gun Kelly's third and (least problematic) costumes were Link and Princess Zelda from the popular Nintendo video game franchise, The Legend of Zelda.

The angry troll (who was staring a little too close for comfort), was apparently talking about Megan's tiny tattoo located on her pelvis, which was slightly visible because of the high cut of the Zelda costume.

arrow pointing to the tattoo peeping from her costume
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Megan caught wind of the wild claim and fired back at the comment, "Are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo?"

megan's response

“Either way I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me."

closeup of megan

Ouch, dude.

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The pelvic tattoo in question originally read "BRIAN," referencing her ex-husband Brian Austin Green's first name.

closeup of brian

Whether or not the full tattoo remains is a mystery for another day.

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Just when you thought this costume wasn't going to gain the same attention as that time they dressed up like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee...

megan and MGK dressed as pamela and tommy

...and posted Instagram stories of them "doing drugs."

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Or the time they dressed up in a kinky BDSM communion cosplay for Halloween.

Thanks to the trolls, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly found a way to make even this wholesome costume controversial. Bravo.

closeup of megan in her costume makeup with elf ears