Meet 'White Noise' Star Adam Driver's Offscreen Leading Lady, Joanne Tucker

He's played a divorcee and a dirtbag onscreen, but offscreen, Adam Driver is a dedicated, devoted and doting husband.

Over the course of his acting career, Adam Driver has played a bad boyfriend on Girls, a husband in a crumbling marriage opposite Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story, a slain husband of Lady Gaga's Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, a predator in The Last Duel and a dad struggling to keep it together after an airborne toxic event in White Noise. Offscreen, though, the Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominated actor is, in fact, happily married. (Yep, that's right, Adam from Girls is married!)

While Driver is famously private―so much so that he became a father without anyone knowing for a few years―he has spoken warmly about his real-life leading lady and even called her his "biggest hero."

"She ensures that amidst all this Hollywood craziness, I remain a normal person," he once told Z96.3 (via Entity Mag). "She’ll persuade me to go and see old friends, even if I’m not really feeling like it. Having a person like that in your life is far more important than a successful career.”

But who is Driver's wife, how did they meet and what's their family life like? Keep reading for everything you need to know about Adam Driver's wife, Joanne Tucker.

Who is Adam Driver's wife?

The Star Wars actor is married to actress Joanne Tucker. She's the granddaughter of the first Government Leader of Bermuda, Sir Henry Tucker. Per IMDB, she made her acting debut playing Sara in the 2010 short film After You Left.

Prior to getting married, Tucker and Driver starred in 2012's Gayby. The couple also shared the screen in the Season 5 "Hello Kitty" episode of HBO's Girls and in the 2019 movie The Report.

Driver credits his wife with helping him adjust to life in New York City. “She taught me what Gouda cheese is,” he joked in an interview with Broadway Buzz, adding, “And that you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full and spit on the sidewalk.”

How did Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker meet?

Driver met his now-wife during his first year studying acting at Juilliard in New York, according to The New Yorker. (The actor, who was medically discharged from the Marines after breaking his sternum in a mountain biking accident, arrived at the renowned arts school in the fall of 2005 and graduated in the spring of 2009.) “She read a lot of books, knew a lot of sh*t,” he told the publication in a 2019 interview about Tucker, who likewise attended Juilliard. “She was very composed.”

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When did Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker get married?

The private couple got married in 2013. An insider revealed to Us Weekly at the time that the former Marine tied the knot in a destination wedding, which was attended by his Girls costar, Lena Dunham. Years later, Tucker revealed to The Royal Gazette that Bermuda, where she spent summers growing up, was the location for their wedding. “It's one of those places that draws you back,” she said of the island. “I got married there. I just love the people and the place.”

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Do Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker have any children?

The Juilliard alums share one child, a son, whom they managed to keep a secret for two years! However, Driver's “military operation" to keep his kid away from the press came to an end in 2018 after Page Six reported that Driver had a 2-year-old boy. “My job is to be a spy—to be in public and live life and have experience. But, when you feel like you’re the focus, it’s really hard to do that," he told The New Yorker in 2019.

Prior to news breaking that he was indeed a father, Driver dropped clues about having a child. In a 2017 "Screen Test" interview with W Magazine, The Force Awakens star said, "I look at my dog, this sounds so absurd, but it’s not. I don’t know that I can love anything more. Like, I have a kid, maybe, and be like, ya know...but the dog!"

Driver isn't the only one who almost spilled the beans. While he and Channing Tatum were promoting their 2017 movie Logan Lucky, Driver was asked if making cocktails with one arm was his party trick. Tatum laughed, “Can you imagine, you’re just like making martinis for your baby.” Driver jokingly replied, as if speaking to his baby, "Stop crying. I'm trying to party."

With the cat already out of the bag in January 2020, Driver referenced his son during his Saturday Night Live monologue. "Some facts about me, I'm a husband and a father," he said. "It's in that order, though. I've been very clear with my son about that. He's second in everything."

Driver was pictured out with his wife and young son in Rome during a break from filming House of Gucci in early 2021.

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Adam Driver and wife Joanne Tucker also have a fur baby

In addition to their son, whose name has yet to be revealed, Tucker and Driver are also the proud parents of a "fur baby." The actress gifted her husband a "pit-rottweiler-something else mix" for his birthday one year. Driver has said that his dog, named Moose, is his favorite birthday gift. “I kept bothering her about getting a dog for a while,” he told W Magazine in 2017. “I think I was just on a tangent at Halloween. F***ing Halloween, you know, ridiculous holidays, bulls**t. Somehow it wound up being about like if I had a dog, [I’d] play with my dog on Halloween. And she’s like, 'Well, I’m getting you a godd*m dog for your birthday, so shut up.' And I'm like, 'Oh, really? Let's just go right now. Let's go get a dog right now.'"

What is Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker's organization?

Before they were man and wife, Driver and Tucker were cofounders of Arts in the Armed Forces. The veteran started the non-profit organization with the actress during his third year at Juilliard. Arts in the Armed Forces brings "high-quality arts programming to active duty, veterans, military support staff and their families around the world free of charge."

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Driver explained to GQ that he "felt like the military could handle something a little more thought-provoking" than just cheerleaders who were brought in. So, they decided to offer monologues. "When I think of my military experience, I don’t think of the drills and discipline and pain," he said. "I think of these, like, really intimate, human moments of people wanting to go AWOL because they missed their wives, or someone’s dead and they can’t deal with it. And that’s what I wanted to show."

Tucker has told The Royal Gazette the "material doesn't talk down to the audience, and it's not of a military theme. It's the type of thing you might see on a stage in New York City, a David Mamet or Sam Shepherd play."

“We have seen the effect it has,” she added. “People are hungry for the stimulation and the conversation. It is a release and relief and something to take their minds off their situation and something to stimulate their minds in a different way."

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