Meet the TikToker who travels England in his aquatic tiny house

Jeremy Burge never stays in one place too long.he doesn’t own a car, and he doesn’t pay rent.instead, he spends his days traveling England in the remarkable tiny home he’s constructed out of a small canal boat.he manages to keep the rest of the world up to date on his journeys through TikTok.Burge's newfound internet fame is due to several viral clips from his journey, including an exciting tour of his home’s interior.In that video, Burge shows his “lounge room,” kitchen, dining room (which triples as an office and spare bedroom) and more.Burge’s page definitely celebrates the joys of a minimalist lifestyle, but he’s also honest about his struggles.he talks often about the difficulties of getting groceries without a car, and thetimes when he gets trapped in a storm

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