Meet OG Ma — the mother and Chinese immigrant who's obsessed with Supreme fashion

Supreme is the billion-dollar skateboard fashion label, founded in New York City in 1994, that inspires devotees to queue up for hours upon hours for the privilege of purchasing a $100 T-shirt.

And OG Ma, owner of Unique Hype, one of the biggest Supreme resell shops in existence, in downtown Manhattan, is obsessed.

“I like Supreme everything,” says the mom, who emigrated to the U.S. from China with her two children. “This is fire,” she adds, referring to the Supreme hoodie she’s wearing.

OG Ma loves Supreme. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)
OG Ma loves Supreme. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Brian Au, OG Ma’s nephew, says, “We’ve been collecting since a decade ago… We love the brand Supreme itself. It’s iconic. Supreme is luxury, Supreme is fashion. “OG Ma… believed in something, she liked something… When OG Ma first decided to wear Supreme, of course we thought it was kick-ass.”

As she explains it, “They don’t make a lot of everything. They’re limited.”

OG Ma and her nephew. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)
OG Ma and her nephew, Brian Au. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Au adds, “Everybody who wound up seeing her was like wow, we have an older lady wearing Supreme. And it was, like, unheard of. That’s her ordinary life, but to other people it’s like fascinating.”

He explains that the family business arose from “a hoarder problem,” as they could not stop purchasing coveted Supreme items, from sweatshirts to skateboards. The amassment is now “thousands” of pieces, he guesses, and worth “millions.” And now their New York City store, packed with Supreme items from throughout the decades, draws other diehard fans, including celebs.

OG Ma at her store, Unique Hype. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)
OG Ma at her store, Unique Hype. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)

“Celebrities come look for her,” Au says. “She doesn’t know who they are. They know who she is.”

He adds, “OG has been in the business for some time, and for her to recognize pieces that are older, that’s how she got her name. She was like the encyclopedia for Supreme. She knows what year they’re from, she knows what season they were made, and she even knows the colors that they produced.”

Basically, as he explains the evolution of the store, “Hoarding, business. It just came together.”

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