Meet the business coaches changing lives in 2021

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Business Coaches changing lives in 2021

Business Coaches changing lives in 2021
Business Coaches changing lives in 2021
Business Coaches changing lives in 2021

London, Mar. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) // There has never been more opportunity to create the business and life of your dreams in 2021 thanks to the online space.

However, despite this potential, a study from National Business Capital and Services has announced that as many as 90% of all startups are destined to fail — which is why guidance and support for all areas in business from inception through to scaling is of the utmost importance according to Bloom Communications.

Take a look at the business coaches changing lives in 2021.

Kimberly Lovi (@kimberlylovi)

Los Angeles-based Executive Business Strategist & Podcaster, Kimberly Lovi, helps CEO’s, Executives, and Entrepreneurs learn how to unlock their business strategy to monetize their businesses.

With over a decade of sales & management experience, Kimberly is passionate about working with high level professionals and helping them elevate their position in the marketplace. With roles in companies including multi-billion dollar startups and having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, her experience level and expertise is world class.

Kimberly is results driven and strategic through her programs and coaching, which has enabled her to take goals and drive them towards revenue growth. As well as building her thriving businesses, Kimberly is also a mother to two young children and wife of an entrepreneur. She says the largest key to her success and strength comes from her greatest mentors, her parents Joyce & Rick and sister Jennifer.

With a thriving business and MBA from a top business school at USC to her name, Kimberly is deeply passionate about seeing her clients succeed. Kimberly helps her clients gain clarity and confidence all while simplifying business processes, to make continued and sustainable revenue growth.

Business owners can work with Kimberly in private 1:1 coaching or in group coaching, as well as her range of digital products, courses, and a free private Facebook group for digital entrepreneurs, or listen to the Kimberly Lovi Podcast available on Apple & Spotify.

Natalie Kerr (@heronlinebusinesssociety)

Female entrepreneurs looking to transform their mindset and start, grow and scale their businesses will find their perfect match in Business and Mindset Coach, Natalie Kerr.

Through coaching, VIP days, and strategy sessions, Natalie’s signature style focuses on the mindset work first, business second.

Natalie explains: “It might seem counterintuitive for my clients to focus on their trauma and limiting beliefs first when they’re working towards business success, but this is truly what sets the stage for them to thrive. This way we know we’re creating their version of success right from the start, and that we really understand any triggers or challenges that might come up along the way.”

Based at her home in North Yorkshire, Natalie is a Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Time Line Practitioner, and is currently training to become a Certified Complex Trauma Specialist.

Natalie added: “The difference I make in people’s lives at Her Online Business Society makes me so proud. From scaling their businesses to the financial goals they never thought possible, to helping others overcome deep trauma and anxiety to transform into completely different women — it’s all so incredibly special and I can’t wait to help even more clients to experience it this year.”

Marisa Bailey-Clements (@marisareneebailey)

After working in the corporate world for more than a decade, chronic burnout gave North Carolina-based Marisa Bailey-Clements the nudge she needed to take the leap and become her own boss in 2018.

The Business Mentor now works with purpose-driven women who want to build a thriving coaching business to replace their 9-5. Marisa helps her clients clarify and validate their business idea so that they can confidently make an impact on the lives of others while making profitable income without burning themselves out.

She explains: “I help my clients uncover their strengths so they can confidently become the successful coach they dream of being. My clients typically come to me with a cloudy vision or are experiencing burnout in their career and want to make a change but aren’t sure how to. That’s where I come in. I help them break down their barriers that come from the fear of failure, lack of clarity, and self-doubt so that they can turn their side-hustle into their full-time job and live a freedom-filled, profitable, purposeful life that they love.”

Women at any stage of their journey who are looking to create a prosperous coaching business to replace their 9-5 with the support of a step-by-step proven process that has helped many others cultivate the confidence they’ve been wanting while making an impact and income can do so by working with Marisa 1 on 1 or in her signature program, Too Bold To Be Bored. Those looking for support on their journey of becoming the confident, courageous, and impactful women they truly are can also join her free Facebook community, Confidence Creators Collective.

Sallie Holder (@sallieholder)

South Carolina-based Sallie Holder launched her business after spending a decade practicing law and living the “paint by numbers” approach to life, the one where everything is laid out for you and your own desires don’t seem relevant. She refused to settle for the life she created, despite it being seemingly “successful.” She wanted to create a new American Dream, one that forgoes the certainty that comes with following someone else’s life path. Instead she wanted her own - one filled with the opportunity to do useful, purposeful work that could benefit not only herself, but also the female entrepreneurs she felt called to serve. She made the leap into entrepreneurship and spent years studying the business strategies that help female entrepreneurs massively uplevel both their revenue & their freedom.

Today, through her Company, The BRIMM — The Beyond Rock Middle Movement — Sallie lives that purposeful life by helping other female entrepreneurs paint their own masterpiece. She teaches them to challenge their thinking about how business ‘has’ to be done and gives them the business tools needed to create both the revenue and lifestyle they deserve from their own purpose filled work.

Sallie explains: “My clients have typically been in business for a few years and worked extremely hard to get where they are now — but they aren’t sure how to leverage their time and talents to reach their even bigger, bolder revenue and lifestyle goals. That’s where I come in — helping them to figure out exactly how to generate more revenue in their businesses without working even harder to make it all happen.”

Clients can work with Sallie by enrolling in one of her self-paced courses or by joining her signature 90-day group coaching program, The Revenue Roadmap.

Sarah Hagstrom (@Sarah_Hagstrom)

Sarah Hagstrom’s mission is simple - to make the world a happier and healthier place.

Sarah said: “I help health and wellness coaches go full time by working with them to strengthen their mindset, create and launch their programs, and sign clients online. This includes elements such as how to infuse their personality into their business so they can stand out from the crowd and how to create online communities full of their dream clients who want to pay them for their support.

“Ultimately, I empower them to embrace their passion, do the work, show up for themselves, their clients and their own success.”

California-based Sarah works with health coaches at every stage of their journey. Those ready to make their first $1k online are well suited to The Online Health Coaching Launch Course — perfect for anyone just out of IIN and ready to get to work. Sarah also offers her 12-week sales and marketing course, The $5k Path, as well as her mastermind, Health Coaches Sign Clients. Plant-based and plant-focused health coaches ready to make an impact and income online can also join Sarah’s free Facebook group and listen to her podcast, Why Can’t I.

Sarah added: “Working with my clients is so incredibly rewarding - for example, seeing a busy mom with another job bring in an extra $4k in 8 weeks while working part time, or one of my mastermind students make $15k in 3 months and loving the transformations her clients are receiving. I’ve been in their shoes so I know exactly how they’re feeling - and watching them bring their dreams to life is the most amazing feeling in the world.”

Shile Ismaila (@shilondigital and @african_mommy)

When it comes to growing a brand’s digital presence, to say Hertfordshire-based Shile Ismaila knows what she’s talking about is an understatement. With a host of certifications and a wealth of experience in the marketing space under her belt, Shile is on a mission to demystify the online space for start-ups, solopreneurs and small business owners.

Shile said: “I started shilon digital after constantly meeting too many business owners who were struggling to create a marketing strategy that was easy to execute, helps with acquiring new customers and grows revenue.

“This is where I come in. I take my clients through a step-by-step guide on how to use digital marketing to grow and sustain their businesses long-term.”

Shile is particularly passionate about teaching female small business owners how to scale online by embracing their creativity, as well as building and finding their loyal tribe — by creating true connection with people globally. Clients can learn her inside secrets by purchasing her course, Instagram Gold Mine: Secure the Bag.

Shile added: “I’m so excited for business owners to get their hands on my marketing strategy techniques from the course; created to help them experience the success they’ve been dreaming of. These are the exact methods I used to create and launch my children’s board game on Amazon, African Safari Adventure Match Board Game to help families bond and children learn while having fun during the pandemic — as well as building and serving a tribe of almost 70,000 women around the world on Instagram. I’m proof that this stuff really works and I can’t wait for them to try it!”

Tara Punter (@tarapuntercoaching)

Tucked away in the idyllic Cotswolds countryside is 6-figure Business Coach and mindset, NLP and marketing powerhouse, Tara Punter.

Tara said: “My work is all about guiding passionate, determined and driven women to create businesses beyond their wildest dreams. I help my clients — usually service-based business owners, coaches and marketing experts — to get unstuck, finetune their mindset, and put the business and marketing strategy into place so they can set and smash any goals they set their sights on. I also love to help them magnetize their subconscious so that absolutely nothing can hold them back! All of this can be achieved with absolute ease and flow — hustling or blagging is a thing of the past, starting now!”

After working through her own mindset and seeing the huge impact it had on her own life and business, Tara was energised to offer this to her clients too, and trained in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy in 2019.

Tara explained: “My time with my clients goes so much further than just business strategy. My additional certifications mean I can truly remove any limiting beliefs and rewire the subconscious mind to ensure that nothing internal can hold them back from greatness.

“This can look like someone finally starting to believe in themselves, to seeing and believing that they’re worthy, or letting go of any emotion that might be tied to a past event that’s skewing how they’re looking at the present and the future. Once you remove these blocks, literally anything is possible.”

Clients can work with Tara through a range of coaching programmes including 1:1 containers, a 12-week group package or a 6-month Mastermind, as well as luxury up-level retreats in The Cotswolds. Tara also offers two self-paced digital programmes and a morning routine notepad to help business owners to start the day the right way.

Lauren Jane (@moon.mentor)

London-based Lauren Jane supports soul-led creators in marketing their work in a way that feels calm, authentic and energetically aligned, combining her intuitive spiritual gifts with 17 years’ industry experience.

Lauren explained: “I launched Moon Marketing with Lauren to help soulpreneurs serve others and make a real difference — without the overwhelm. I’ve spoken to so many business owners who feel getting your message out there and attracting clients is something only people with Type A personalities can do, but that’s just not the case.

“I use my coaching qualifications and psychology degree to infuse mindset work and spiritual and intuitive practices into the marketing and social media expertise to help them break through these blocks and do it in a way that feels good. We also bring in some astrology and a cyclical approach to their work patterns by tuning into the Moon’s Cycle.”

Clients can work with Lauren on a 1:1 basis, join the CALM Marketing quarterly virtual retreats or join her new membership, the CALM Marketing Community. This is a supportive group where we know it’s not about how shiny your website is or how many times you post on social media, but marketing at its core is the energy you put out into the world.

You can keep up with each of these inspirational coaches curated by Bloom Communications on their journeys by following them on Instagram.

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