A Medical Medium Says to Eat These 3 Things for Spiritual Healing

We're all committed to nourishing our bodies, but do you ever think about feeding your soul? Medical medium Anthony William believes in the inherent but often untapped healing powers of foods to restore health spiritually. In his second book, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love With the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables, William details a variety of foods along with their healing properties and spiritual effects, describing the ailments they target—including everything from anxiety to brain fog to fatigue. William shared some of his top wonder foods with Goop, and we've highlighted our favorite three here.

Apples: We all know the old saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away, yet we continue to underestimate its power, according to William. "The fruit's anti-inflammatory properties make it a top pick when you're faced with practically any illness," says William. In terms of emotional support, "the apple is an ancient food that brings us back to the source," he says, providing comfort and lightening your spirit.

Ginger: Always a go-to for stomach ills or when we're feeling under the weather, "ginger is one of the most important tools for giving ourselves respite from a reactive state," says William. Use the ingredient for any stress-related illnesses to calm nerves and muscles and release the tension, even from deeper within. As William puts it, "just like we can turn to ginger to work the kinds out of our muscles and the knots out of our stomachs, we can let it work that antispasmodic magic on our souls, cleansing us of wounds and damage without us having to do anything other than let it."

Raw honey: "If you feel out of touch with miracles, then reacquaint yourself with honey," suggests William. Raw honey repairs DNA and is high in essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and zinc. William says to incorporate it into your diet to strengthen your immunity and also to light you up and feed your soul.

Next, discover the number one ingredient you should stop eating to be healthy, according to an energy healer.

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