WATCH: McDonald’s + Gourmet? Believe It or Not, It’s Actually Happening

Laura Begley Bloom

Would you pay $8 (and up) for this gourmet burger at McDonald’s in Sydney?

We’re still not sure how we feel about the black burgers made from squid ink at Burger King in Japan or the tuna pie at McDonald’s in Thailand. But the new build-your-own burgers at McDonald’s? We’re eating them up.

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A group of McDonald’s locations in southern California have already started testing the concept. But a McDonald’s in Sydney, Australia — where residents Down Under call it Macca — is take it up a notch. Choose from chipotle mayonnaise, grilled pineapples, guacamole, and even beets. You order via a high-tech kiosk screen that also allows you to reserve a seat (inside or al fresco). The presentation is high-end, too: fries come in a metal basket, and the whole meal is served on a stylish wooden tray.

Expect to pay about $10.50 for a burger, fries, and a drink. It’s a little more than your average McDonald’s, but a fraction of the price of upscale burger joints like Shake Shack.

Now that’s what we call a Happy Meal.

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