McDonald's Fans Are Disgusted To Learn The Truth About Their Onions

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McDonald's onions have always been a little controversial. Just last year, people freaked out when it was revealed that the restaurant would start adding white onions to burger patties while they're still on the grill, which subsequently enhances the flavor. And now, the restaurant's onions have customers riled up once again, but for another reason: how they're prepared.

In a TikTok that has since gone viral, user @tiktokhuss shared video of a container of McDonald's onions being prepared. The biggest shocker for most fans was that the onions are dehydrated and need to be rehydrated with water and/or ice.

"Get two packets of dehydrated onions put 'em in a container, add water—I don't add ice, just water. Chuck it into the fridge. Let it cool down, let the dehydrated onions rehydrate with water," @tiktokhuss explained in the video.

Once again, fans' thoughts on the onions have run the gamut from shock to indifference. In the comments of the TikTok, some burger lovers were saddened at the fact that the onions aren't prepared fresh. Others took a more abrupt stance on the matter, with one person declaring "never again."

"Why did I really think there was someone there cutting onions all day," said one user.

And on the contrary, there were other users who weren't surprised by the video's big reveal, or weren't taken aback by the onions' preparation method.

"They’ve been making the onions like this for at least 40 years. I used to work at McDonald's," said one user.

"STILL TASTES SO GOOD," another added.

Who knew onions could be so divisive?

As to why they go this route, former McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz said in another TikTok that "keeping [onions] dehydrated makes it easier to get in the restaurant."

“And, of course, their shelf-life in a dehydrated state is quite long," he added.

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