McDonald's Faces Lawsuit As Customer Claims Misplaced Cheese Almost Killed Him

mcdonald's store
mcdonald's store

McDonald’s has been in hot water with customers for months now as a result of the continuous rise in the price of menu items, but it seems they’ve gotten into even more trouble, as one customer launches a lawsuit against the fast food chain. The lawsuit is accusing McDonald’s of adding cheese to a burger that was specifically requested to be made without cheese due to a severe milk allergy. Keep reading for more information.

Customer Launches Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

The customer in question is named Charles Olsen, and he has a severe milk allergy. He filed a lawsuit after his Big Mac that he specifically requested to be made without any cheese came with an errant slice hidden between the lettuce and the burger patty. He indicated on his Door Dash order that the burger was to come with “No Cheese.”

When it arrived, he opened up the burger to check, and there were no signs of any cheese. However, when Olsen took a bite of his Big Mac, he immediately went into anaphylaxis shock. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, and though he is okay now, there was a period of time where he wasn’t sure if he would be.

“When I felt my throat close up and it became difficult to breathe, I actually thought I might not make it,” he said in his lawsuit paperwork.

Olsen’s girlfriend, Alexandra DiBenedetto, was with him at the time, and actually ordered the Uber that took them to the hospital, opting for the online service rather than an ambulance because they thought it might take longer to wait for an ambulance to arrive. DiBenedetto told The Post that the entire ordeal was “terrifying.”

“Having to watch him struggle the way he did was absolutely awful, and it just kept getting scarier as the reaction progressed.”

McDonald’s has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but released a statement saying that the franchise’s owner was taking the complaint “seriously.”