McDonald's Brings Back Beloved Holiday Menu Item for a Limited Time

McDonald's sign

McDonald's knows that when the holiday season comes around each year, one thing some customers eagerly wait for is the fast food chain's Holiday Pie. Luckily, McDonald's is bringing it back this year for a limited time, so hop on over there now to get your hands on it.

Food influencer Markie Devo shared the exciting news on their Instagram page on Wednesday, Nov. 15, announcing that the beloved food item would be available on McDonald's menus starting that day and continuing until Dec. 30 at participating locations.

The update read, "Gather your belongings and head your chubby lil arse over to @mcdonalds , the Holiday Pie is back!! The Holiday Pie consists of creamy smooth custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust that’s glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles," with Devo adding at the end, "Excited for this return👇🏻."

Fans of the Holiday Pie were just as thrilled, saying so in the comments. "Turned 21 last year so i got 21 holiday pies as a gift. best gift ive ever received," wrote one devoted consumer, as another stated, "The only item I run to McDonald’s for!"

Many more wrote excited notes like, "Heck yeah, def the best of the year!🔥," "This sounds….. amazing," and "it’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr ❄️🥧."

Someone else shared a very meaningful connection they have with the Holiday Pie, writing, "Hell yes! My mom and I used to get these and then go look at Christmas lights when I was a kid. This is my second Christmas without my mom but my daughters and I still love the tradition. ❤️."

Along with bringing back old favorite menu items, McDonald's also continues to try out new things at its locations, such as the new Mambo Sauce. It made its debut in early October and will only be at the fast food chain for a limited time, so you better head to McDonald's now if you want to try the dipping sauce.

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