McDonald’s customers are losing it over a video of the chain’s ‘way better’ Indonesian version: ‘It looks way healthier’

What is McDonald’s like in Bali? It’s a question countless TikTokers are now asking, thanks to one woman’s viral video.

The clip, posted by user Diana Trofim (@dagtw), gives a firsthand tour inside a McDonald’s on the Indonesian island. Her video quickly drew millions of views and thousands of comments from jealous fast-food fans.

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Trofim’s TikTok is part of a much larger trend on the app, in which users have shown how fast-food restaurants differ abroad. In the past, viewers have freaked out over the pastry selection at McDonald’s in France, the wildly diverse menu at Wendy’s in Japan and the “high-end” dining experience at Taco Bell in China.

Oftentimes, these clips lead users to conclude that fast food is “way better” abroad. That was also the case with Trofim’s clip.

“Let’s try McDonald’s in Bali,” the TikToker captioned her video.

Trofim’s video shows several menu items that are nothing like an American McDonald’s meal. For one, McDonald’s in Bali has a “Taste of Japan” menu, which features McFlurry-like drinks filled with matcha and other toppings.

She also tries the Beef Yakiniku Tamago Burger, which is served on a white bun and topped with seaweed, eggs and sliced cabbage. Trofim also orders ice cream, a matcha latte and a meal consisting of white rice and spicy fried chicken.

TikTok users had a lot to say about Trofim’s experience.

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“VIP McDonald’s,” one user wrote.

“It looks so much healthier,” another added.

“I feel like everyone else has better McDonald’s,” another wrote.

That said, McDonald’s locations in the U.S. have earned plenty of viral fame as well. One McDonald’s, in Sedona, Arizona, has its own tourists — thanks to its “one-of-a-kind” color scheme.

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