McCormick Names Tamarind Its 2024 Flavor Of The Year

Tamarind seasoning from McCormick
Tamarind seasoning from McCormick - McCormick

Every year -- especially around this time of year -- there are trends. Pantone releases the Color of the Year (this year it was Viva Magenta), for example, and McCormick releases Flavors of the Year (the inaugural flavor was Vietnamese Cajun Style Seasoning). Now, the company has revealed in an announcement that tamarind is 2024's Flavor of the Year. McCormick is releasing a new spice blend in honor of the forecast: Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning.

Flavor Forecasts and the Flavor of the Year allow McCormick to "shake up the way people cook, flavor, and eat," according to Chief Marketing Officer Tabata Gomez. When describing 2023's trendsetter, Senior Vice President of Research for the National Restaurant Association, Hudson Riehle, said, "Consumers will always want foods that reflect the familiar flavors they know and love, but they continue to expand their palates with unique global fare." The 2024 flavor of the year is an attempt to reach those unfamiliar with tamarind's compelling sweet-sour punch.

In addition to its headlining spot in the release of the Flavor Forecast, the tropical fruit will feature heavily in a McCormick partnership with the burger restaurant chain Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. The limited-time tamarind-infused recipes include milkshakes, fries, and even a chicken burger. They'll be available at Black Tap starting February 1, 2024, but McCormick has already begun rolling out its tamarind and pasilla spice blend to grocery stores.

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McCormick Makes More Flavor Projections

Tamarind pods
Tamarind pods - Yarrrrrbright/Shutterstock

As part of the announcement, Hadar Cohen Aviram, McCormick's Executive Chef and Senior Manager of Culinary Development, notes that tamarind "is the perfect ingredient to incorporate in savory and sweet dishes." But the spice brand has a number of additional proclamations about the tastes we'll be tasting in the future.

Sourness, in general, is one of the primary focuses. Beyond tamarind, other acidic ingredients are being highlighted for the way they can tie dishes together and also tenderize everything from proteins to kale (McCormick gave coconut vinegar a shoutout). Classic foods being given modern twists is another trend on the rise.

According to CNN, McCormick employs a crew tasked with setting off on a months-long quest around the globe. They confer with local culinary authorities and do extensive restaurant research, all in pursuit of accurately divining culinary trends. At the same time, Aviram told CNN they're conscious of the lengthy history of using tamarind in cooking worldwide. "We're not inventing anything new," she told the news network.

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