Maya Rudolph on returning as Kamala Harris on 'SNL'

When Yahoo Entertainment caught up with Maya Rudolph for the new movie, "Hubie," she also discussed portraying Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris on "SNL" and whether or not she will continue to play the part. "I believe so," she said.

Video Transcript

MAYA RUDOLPH: Tonight, I'm not going to worry about the polling numbers. I'm just going to have fun and see if I can get some viral moments. Mama needs a GIF. Gonna tell my kids this was Michelle Obama.

KEVIN POLOWY: Maya, is it a foregone conclusion that we're going to see you back on "SNL" as Kamala this fall, like in the lead-up to the election and hopefully after?

MAYA RUDOLPH: I believe so, yes. And it better be after, yeah.

KEVIN POLOWY: [LAUGHS] Yeah, please. Have you ever heard from her on your impression? I feel like she's one of those people that would appreciate it.

MAYA RUDOLPH: Yes. Well, she has such a great sense of humor and such a great sense of humor about herself. I did just get to meet her for an amazing Biden, Harris fundraiser. It was pretty exciting, I got to say. She's so cool.

She's so lovely and had-- and was so warm about-- I mean, there's-- it's-- it's never not scary meeting someone you do an impression of. But, hopefully, it's with love and with respect. And it's such an honor, and, I guess, now, it's like being associated with such a tremendous person.

So it was cool to meet her and to talk to her. I like her so much. So I was really-- it was very fun. She's amazing. She's amazing.

Come on, you said you would vote for me.