Max Grayston Is Okay After Terrifying Crash

Max Grayston

It can be very scary to ride off the trail at high speed. With no way of stopping, you are at the mercy of whatever obstacle your front wheel decides to hit.

Max Grayston was reminded of this this past weekend. Watch the video of a scary moment after he landed funny on a large step-down.

In this video, Max rides a large step-down. He gets a little sideways on the landing which steers him off the trail. With no way to stop, Grayston stuffs his front wheel and is sent tumbling down the trail.

Thankfully, Grayston rolls and avoids the multiple trees, mitigating the damage of his fall.

Watching moments like these is terrifying, especially when you don’t know if your buddy is okay. Thankfully, Max walked away from this with only some bruises. He is lucky, collarbones have been deleted with less force.

Max Grayston is a pro rider from Whistler, BC, who is known for riding spicy features up and down the sea-to-sky highway. Read about his whistler mashup below.

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