This New Mattress From Casper Is Shockingly Affordable

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Buying a mattress is big decision. There’s no denying that it’s a bit of a financial commitment, and chances are, you already have one when you begin your search. Plus, with seemingly infinite options (organic, spring, hybrid, memory foam, cooling, gel, etc. etc.), pulling the trigger on it can feel especially daunting. As someone who has been putting off purchasing a new mattress for literal years (because the decades-old full-size I share with my partner and dog is totally functional and not crowded at all and works fine), I am right there with you. I have been perpetually scrolling through mattresses for what seems like forever, and the more I searched, the more overwhelmed I became with the idea of throwing down over $1k for something we already had (despite its clear flaws). Understandably, when I heard about Casper’s new mattress — the Element Pro — whose queen size clocks in just under that $1k breaking point, I was intrigued. Did its discount price mean discounted comfort? I needed to know. Spoiler alert — the newly released Element Pro (which launched earlier today!) is the ideal solution for a stressed-out mattress shopper: an ultra-comfortable, high-quality mattress at a totally reasonable price. Keep reading to learn more about my first night’s sleep and everything you need to know to convince you to bite the bullet, make the big purchase, and upgrade your mattress already.

Casper Element Pro Mattress (Queen), $995

The Casper mattress arrived in my apartment lobby within a few days. Since it was a complete upgrade from full-size to queen, I opted to use it with Casper’s recommended foundation, which is supposed to support the mattress better than your typical box and also help elongate its life. However, word of warning: The foundation is heavy. It arrived in a long box that warned me it was “over 70 lbs,” and it was a real struggle for me and the building’s maintenance guy (who boasted he’d previously worked in construction and could definitely lift it) to carry it up one short flight of stairs to my apartment. So, if you live in a four-story walk-up, you might need a Task Rabbit or a few helpful neighbors to help you accomplish its delivery. Luckily, the actual mattress was much lighter — easily liftable by my partner and me together, and I probably could have carried it alone if I’d needed to.

I quickly learned the mattress was light not by accident, but by design. Using Casper’s signature AirScape technology, the dual-foam mattress wasn’t dense or clunky. In fact, it practically sprang open as we unrolled it in the space. While I opened and arranged the mattress, my partner got to work assembling the foundation (I’ve already written about my discomfort with tools here), so she knew ahead of time that this would be her role. But I shouldn’t have underestimated my furniture-building ability (or Casper’s ability to make the process hassle-free). Unlike other more complicated setups I’d seen, Casper’s foundation was easily put together — no tools required — and there’s a handy how-to video on Casper’s website for ultimate ease.

Within minutes, my Casper Element Pro was set up and ready to be slept on (I even invested in a new set of sheets for the occasion), and I was not disappointed. As I lay into the firm but still somehow soft and pliable foam, I realized that I had been a fool. While I had been overly concerned with all the variables available in mattress purchasing, the folks at Casper made it easy, taking out my guesswork and creating a luxury mattress they knew would be good. There’s a reason that Casper has skyrocketed in popularity — the brand is built by mattress experts, and they have worked, in their words, “obsessively” to create the best mattresses possible for its customers. They know mattresses, and they know what to prioritize for a good night’s sleep. Like all their mattresses, the Element Pro had extra airflow for cool sleeping, layers of soft but durable foam (the Element Pro has three layers), and enough support to keep from being too pliable or being sucked in. I’m not a great sleeper, so transitioning into a new mattress felt like a big, scary change. But Casper made it easy. In fact, my only real criticism is that it’s a lower-profile mattress than my last, and I didn’t love being so much lower to the ground. But with the purchase of a fluffy pillow top, that’s a problem that is easily remedied. And who knows? It’s possible that with a few more sleeps, I’ll get used to it. I’m officially a Casper convert. Not because of my comfortable night’s sleep (although that is obviously a huge part!), but mostly because of the Element Pro’s price. I still can’t believe how shockingly affordable it is, especially compared to Casper’s other more expensive models. I didn’t know that a luxury-feel queen-mattress could be mine for under $1k, but Casper proved me wrong. I should have had more faith in the pros.

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