Matthew Stafford

Fearless Forecast Week 6: 333 Pass Yds, 2 Pass TD, INT Projected Points: 20.32

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Matthew Stafford has thrown multiple touchdown passes in three straight games. He's averaging about 254 passing yards per week, and it has made a difference to get Kenny Golladay back in the mix obviously. No question about it.

His matchup this week coming off the bye, it's really good. It's the Jacksonville Jaguars. They somehow allow 8.8 yards per pass attempt. Very friendly matchup for Stafford, for Golladay, for the entire Lions offense.

They may find a way to blow this game in real life, but I think the fantasy potential is pretty substantial here. I'm gonna give Stafford 333 passing yards in this one, two passing scores, and one interception.