What Matthew Perry’s Girlfriend Said That Led Him to Go to Rehab

It triggered a new perspective for the actor.

Matthew Perry opened up about his history of addiction in an interview with Diane Sawyer ahead of his new memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.

The Friends star has been very transparent about the effects of his addiction on his work and his health, discussing everything from attempted interventions to near-death experiences.

While speaking with Sawyer, the actor detailed the progression of his addiction, and talked about how, when his Friends colleagues first tried to help him, he wasn't in a place where he could accept it. 

Eventually, after he had to go back and dub his lines over for the feature film Serving Sara because he was too intoxicated to speak clearly, his girlfriend said something that "startled" him. 

"I think you're disappearing," she told the actor as he struggled under the increased workload of filming his hit series and the film at the same time. 

That comment halted him in his tracks and led him to seek treatment. "Oh, oh, oh, stop everything; I'm going to rehab right now," he explained. "Stop the movie, stop everything." 

It wasn't the first time he'd been to rehab, as the actor had spent almost a month detoxing from Vicodin a few years before, but it was the first time he really set his sights on getting better. 

It wasn't his last stay in rehab, either, but Perry has continued to focus on his recovery throughout the years, as well as helping others in theirs.

Perry's memoir will be available for purchase on Tuesday, Nov. 1. 

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