Matt Ryan

Fearless Forecast Week 6: 275 Pass Yds, Pass TD, INT Projected Points: 14.0

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Matt Ryan suddenly looking like a little bit of a fantasy dice roll. He doesn't have a touchdown pass in either of his last two games. Of course, we have to worry about the Julio Jones injury coming into week six. And Atlanta has decided as an organization to just sort of shake the Etch A Sketch and start over. Change in head coach, change in GM.

It puts Ryan's situation in disarray a little bit. So we would normally love a matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. That's been a shaky secondary all season. They've already allowed 10 passing touchdowns, so that seems like it should set up well for Ryan.

But again, Julio being active is a huge worry here. So you kind of got to take this right up until game time. If Julio is good to go, you can feel certainly a lot better about Matt Ryan in this one. As of now, I'm only gonna project him for 275 passing yards, one passing score, one interception.