Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey Look Historically Hot in 'Fellow Travelers'

matt bomer and jonathan bailey
matt bomer and jonathan bailey

'Fellow Travelers' is looking like it will be on of the best shows of the year.

Matt bomer and jonathan bailey
Matt bomer and jonathan bailey

We can’t wait to go on a journey with these Fellow Travelers.

Fellow Travelers, a decades-spanning gay love story and political drama starring Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey, is one of the limited series we’re most excited for this year, and now, you’ll understand why.

Vanity Fair released the first-look images, and they are luscious and delicious. This decades-spanning romance has beautiful sets, beautiful costumes, and beautiful actors. We can’t wait to watch.

The article also gives us our best look at what the series will be about, and what we should expect from the characters.

“#FellowTravelers depicts a grand chronicle of queer American history, tracing the evolution of one couple's relationship from the Lavender Scare in ‘50s D.C to ‘80s Bay Area. 🔗:”

Fellow Travelers stars Bomer and Bailey as Hawkins Fuller, a war hero turned politician, and Tim Laughlin, a religious idealist both making their way into politics in the early ’50s. It follows them over the next three decades as the political and queer landscape changes. As it follows the ups and downs of their relationship, we also get to see American queer history as it happens.

“first look at 'fellow travelers' starring matt bomer and jonathan bailey”

The article also teased that the show will have some extra steamy sex scenes. “Not that it will be shocking to people, but I hope when people watch it, they’re like, ‘Oh wow. They really went for it,’” producer Robbie Rogers said about the show’s sex scenes.

“I will be so interested to see how people respond to it,” Bailey added. “To me, being queer also is about, as two men, how you negotiate your giving of your body to the other person. That is something that I’ve always yearned to see properly done because I know how extraordinary it is to experience it.”

“#FellowTravelers leaves no stone unturned, resulting in an expansive historical tapestry. “It’s been just the most joyous, and emotional, and also informative experience I’ve had on a job," Jonathan Bailey tells VF. 🔗:”

Bomer and Bailey aren’t the only gay story that Fellow Travelers follows. It also tells the story of Marcus Hooks, a Black queer political journalist played by Jelani Alladin, and the drag performer he falls for played by Noah J. Ricketts. Aladdin originated the role of Kristoff in Broadway’s Frozen, and Ricketts was his understudy.

Fellow Travelers also stars Chris Bauer as Joseph McCarthy, Will Brill as Roy Cohn, and Allison Williams. Adapted by Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia), the limited series is expected to release this fall on Showtime.