Master Builders Create Fully Functioning LEGO Ski Resort

LEGOs—they're oft-derided as a kid's toy, but master builders JK Brickworks would beg to differ.

JK Brickworks' latest creation, a fully functioning LEGO ski resort, is a wonderful combination of brick and imagination.

JK Brickworks is a couple team composed of Jason Allemann and his partner Kristal.

Like many of us, Jason grew up playing with and building LEGOs before drifting away from the hobby as he entered young adulthood.

In 1999, LEGO obtained a Star Wars license, allowing the brand to offer sets that recreated classic Star Wars icons, like X-Wings and TIE fighters. This new line from LEGO piqued Jason's interest, and he quickly found himself building again as an adult.

As Jason writes on his website, he became an AFOL—an adult fan of LEGO, eventually enlisting his partner Kristal to participate in the brick-borne nerdery (I say "nerdery" with the utmost respect). Thus, JK Brickworks came to be.

If that's the first time you've encountered that term—AFOL—you're not alone. I'd never read it or heard it spoken aloud until today, but, in a funny way, coming across it was oddly reaffirming.

I, like Jason, loved LEGOs growing up and have found myself drifting towards a personal LEGO renaissance in adulthood. My partner and I occasionally get LEGO catalogs, which I devour—barely resisting the urge to drop most of a paycheck on a LEGO Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser. Similarly, I've received a few small sets for birthdays and Christmas, further developing my burgeoning LEGO bug.

So, to see JK Brickworks combine two things near and dear to my heart—LEGOs and skiing—was a highlight of my week thus far. If you, too, are stoked about it, JK Brickworks has the complete ski resort set available on its website.

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