Massive Zara Clothing Haul!

Zara has been all over our TikTok FYPs so we had to do some shopping!

Video Transcript

MADELEINE BYRNE: Today we are going to be reviewing Zara.

ERIN ROBINSON: You can never wear anything else.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Crawling all over my body.

MADELEINE BYRNE: I just feel cool.

ERIN ROBINSON: I have drool coming out of my mouth looking at you. Welcome back to "Clever Style," you guys.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: You guys, get excited, because it's time for another episode of retail ratings. It's a show where we shop and rate the retailers so you don't have to.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yes, and we see all your comments. We know what you guys want to see. so today we are going to be reviewing Zara.



SINÉAD DE VRIES: You have to stay like that.



ERIN ROBINSON: Zara. So we're going to be writing these using emojis. You guys know how we do it-- on a scale of 1 to 5 emojis that we will so choose on quality, comfort, and fit. I'm going to pick something that's a little controversial. I'm going to pick the black heart.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I'll let you borrow it for the day. That's totally fine.

ERIN ROBINSON: The black heart is Sinéad's go-to emoji. That's how she shows love.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I thought everybody used the black heart. It really, really surprised me when I found out that everyone at Clever was like Sinéad uses that. Yeah, it's so weird, she uses that. I was like-- what a second. We're not all using the black heart here? All right, so I'm going to pick the little guy cartwheeling. I understand that the clothes are the star, and the models are secondary on Zara's website, but there were some very questionable poses on that website.

ERIN ROBINSON: I feel like that's-- you're setting yourself up for a lot of cartwheels today.

- The crowd goes wild!

MADELEINE BYRNE: I am going to do the cloud emoji, because there's something about winter-wear from Zara that's like puffy and light like a cloud. So.

ERIN ROBINSON: Well, as much as I would love to sit around and discuss the labyrinth of emojis, I think I need to get out of this coffee-stained T-shirt and put on some cute Zara stuff.

MADELEINE BYRNE: All right, you guys, round one. We are doing jeans, and I just want to start off because I'm obsessed with these jeans, you guys. I love a light-wash denim. I love a rip jean. I've never had it ripped in the thigh before, but it's giving me skater vibes. It's giving me '90s "Clueless," like the skater kind of essence look. The length is perfect for anyone out there who maybe has a similar body type to me. These are a size 28, and they fit perfectly. Size 6, American 6. Zara has the European sizing. They don't really do much for the butt.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: No, they do. Your butt looks great in them.

ERIN ROBINSON: I'm sorry. I have drool coming out of my mouth looking at you. This is the best thing I've ever seen Madeleine wear.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, this is really one of the better things--

ERIN ROBINSON: These jeans are the hottest things you have ever put on. You can never wear anything else.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Oh my god. So, out of five emojis, you see, guys, these are 5 clouds. 5 clouds for sure, like, done. Mic drop.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I am in this slim-fit jeans. They are distressed as well. I will say they are freaking tight. There's not a lot of stretch in the waist area, and that is where I am feeling it a bit. I'm sucking in a little bit. I don't know how I feel about these.

MADELEINE BYRNE: It's funny, they look like they don't fit you too tight at all, but I wonder if you went up one size, if that would actually be more of the style.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, and I kind of wanted that, you know? Like I kind of like that. I like jeans that I can be a little bit more active in, obviously. I can't wrap my head around wearing skinny jeans, because skinny jeans now just seem like the Jean you dress up in, and we're just not dressing up as much.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Had you said you were comfortable, I would have been like, those are really cute jeans on you. But now, I could see you maybe rocking one size up, but more just because the style of the jean calls for that.

ERIN ROBINSON: And you cannot wear uncomfortable jeans.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: And also, it's doing this thing again, you know? Which is-- this is nothing compared to how most jeans are, and it's giving me flat butt.

ERIN ROBINSON: Yeah, It needs a little bit more of a lift back there.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Well, it's just-- even when I put it on, I was like there's so much longness here, that I don't need all that longness, because I don't have as long of a torso.

ERIN ROBINSON: I've never been more invested in someone's jean-journey than I just was just now.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Long-butt is a serious offense.

MADELEINE BYRNE: What's your rating? I'm actually confused.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Oh yeah, all right. So for quality, I still think the quality's really, really good. Honestly, there is something really nice. It feels sturdy. I feel like these would last. I'd give these five cartwheelers. Comfort-- I am a little bit uncomfortable. I'm going to give it right in the middle at a three. But that's also just because I need to size up, even though this was my size, but you know.

And then for a fit, that's why I would dock it the most. They're like in a weird place. I folded them over, one, because I either wanted to be like above the ankle or like really long-- not in the middle. Yeah, that's weird. So I would give it like a two. But it's a bummer, I really like these. Maybe I just need to size up.

ERIN ROBINSON: Well, I will say Zara does have a huge selection of different types and styles of jeans. These are kind of more of a mom jean, which I've been trying to find the perfect mom jean. I feel like I've seen these on Tik-Tok, people perping these out. Like, these are the best jeans at Zara, and I don't disagree with them. I actually think it's a pretty good mom jean twist.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yeah, they fit you like a glove, first of all.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, they make your butt look great, and I really like the wash.

- Yes.

ERIN ROBINSON: Yeah, I think the wash is very transitional-- summer, spring, winter, fall. The length is a little bit odd.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Those are almost like capris.

ERIN ROBINSON: They are. Kind of like "clam-diggers" as we like to call them.

- That is the most southern thing I've ever heard.

ERIN ROBINSON: So for quality, I'm going to give this a five. I feel like these are going to last for-- until the skinny Jean trend comes back around. For comfort, I'm going to give it a 5. Super comfortable. Although, I feel like with jeans, you have to do a sit test. You know, if you don't like breathing, these could work.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yeah, but how often do you do that? I always unbutton my pants when I'm driving.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, but you shouldn't have to do that.

MADELEINE BYRNE: That's a gut issue that's of mine.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: That's not a normal thing.

ERIN ROBINSON: For fit, I'm going to give it a 5. I really feel like everything about these is an add-to-cart moment. Add it, buy it. They're affordable. They're 40 bucks. Every woman should have these.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Should we roll into our next category?

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, let's roll. Let's roll.

ERIN ROBINSON: Everybody roll.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Everyone unbutton and roll.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Let's all roll.

All right, so for this category, we are in work-wear. Obviously our jobs are very different to the average person.

- I'd rather smile and simply state that I have a full-time job as an accountant.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: So it is always kind of hard for me when I have a meeting or something. That's when everything comes out of my closet, so it's always nice to have a few pieces that I could definitely always know is going to look super professional. So I really liked this for that idea because it is like a blazer dress that I feel is super, super professional looking. But if I was going to a meeting at like, I don't know, the YouTube company, then I could totally unbuckle this, and have it a little bit more youthful and fun.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Show the back, because it's so cool. It's like separate almost.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: There is like something a little bit more youthful than it just being like a blazer dress, but I do like this open. Again, the quality's super, super nice. It is $119.

ERIN ROBINSON: But you do have basically a shirt, a skirt, and a coat all in one.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It's true, it is like a full outfit. Once you put this on, you're done, so that is nice. All right, so for quality-- I think the quality's really, really good. I give it a four out of five. It's not blowing my mind. For comfort-- It's really soft and comfortable. I feel very comfortable in it. It's long enough that I don't have to worry about my butt falling out or anything like that, so I would give it a 5 for comfort. Now the fit. Very questionable just the way it's sitting. Like the shorts are actually almost kind of tight. It's just an interesting-- it's an interesting fit. I would give this right in the middle at a three. It's not terrible, it's just not perfect.

ERIN ROBINSON: I picked this dress because I've always seen this dress styled on models, and I've always loved it on models. On me, I feel like it's a little too serious and a little too mature for my personal style. I don't think it looks bad. It is a flattering style for a certain person in a certain job. I actually think it's kind of cool. I think the pattern makes a statement. It takes a very plain silhouetted outfit and makes it a little something extra. The only thing that I actually really hate about this is that the material is polyester.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It is so static.

ERIN ROBINSON: I know you can see--

SINÉAD DE VRIES: legs, your butt--

ERIN ROBINSON: --my cellulite through here, I think probably.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It is stuck like--

MADELEINE BYRNE: This is going to shock you.

ERIN ROBINSON: Let me touch a metal bar. I would actually give it, for quality, I'm going to give it a four. I got to ding it one because it's polyester. For comfort, I give it a five. It's super comfortable maybe other than the static. And then for fit, I think it's a little big, so I'm going to give it a three.


ERIN ROBINSON: I think it fits like just a little big.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Was the model wearing a belt on the site?

ERIN ROBINSON: I honestly can't remember. She probably was posing like this.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Upside down with her leg behind her head.

ERIN ROBINSON: And I couldn't tell what she was wearing.

MADELEINE BYRNE: OK, so this was my idea for work-wear. I'm going to be totally honest. I don't remember what drew me to this outfit for work. I think it's just that it was trendy and brown.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It's brown. 100%.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Mostly what I wear for work is street-style, so I think I did. I was like, brown.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Listen, you've been talking about brown, as if the color brown is sponsoring you.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Comment down below if you get it. If you understand the brown of it all.

- This is me, color brown. I'm here to tell you all about me.

MADELEINE BYRNE: OK, so yeah. This skirt on their website, I actually realize I got it in a different color for a different outfit. It's really fun. It's very casual. It has the drawstring, so it's kind of got this sporty feel. It kind of adds a level of more chic, more grown up work vibe. And I actually made the sweatshirt way more cropped. It's actually like--

ERIN ROBINSON: I was going to ask you-- did you tuck it in your bra?

MADELEINE BYRNE: No, I'm not wearing a bra. I just tucked it on itself, that's why my boobs are going to come out real quickly.

ERIN ROBINSON: I don't know much about your boobs, but I think they don't go that low.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yeah, the skirt's versatile. The sweatshirt's versatile. Honestly, five clouds all around, baby. Five, five, five.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, this is a win.

ERIN ROBINSON: But no one's raining on your parade. Sorry, I'll excuse myself.

I'm honored to be the spokesperson for the loungewear category. This is really who I truly am these days, and any time I see loungewear on a clever email, I'm like-- freaking score! I was actually curious that we would all wear the same thing, but I think there's a lot of variety on Zara when it comes to loungewear. But one thing that there isn't a lot of variety on, in loungewear on Zara is sizing options.

All of these came in small, medium, and large. No smaller, no larger-- which is mind-blowing, because it's not hard to make these in a smaller or larger size, but let me get off my pedestal for a minute and talk about what I'm wearing here today. I am wearing size medium in the top and the bottom of this yellow, kind of sporty cropped jogger set.

I actually was not excited about it when I ordered it, because I wanted to get something different. Now that I'm here and I'm journeying through the process of putting this on my body, I actually really like this a lot. This yellow is an interesting yellow. It's kind of like a neon, but not quite. I think it fits pretty well. I do like the fit on me.

MADELEINE BYRNE: It's definitely a smidge see-through. The fact that those are medium, and mine are large, it's an interesting size situation for lounging.

ERIN ROBINSON: Yeah, and I would normally wear a large in Zara sweatpants, which is kind of not right.

- (SINGING) It's not right, but it's OK.

ERIN ROBINSON: I think for a quality, I'm going to give it a four. For comfort, I give it a three. It's not uncomfortable, but it's not as comfortable as I had hoped it would be. For fit, I'm going to give it a two, because, guys, this is a medium. It feels a little tight in some places. Like Madeleine said, she's wearing a large. This is not right. The sizing isn't right. The fit isn't right. It deserves to have a two in the fit category. But it does have pockets, so I'm not completely mad about it.

- I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: So, for my lounge option, I decided to go a different route, and be a human adult baby. I would definitely have sized up if I could, because I don't want this bull crawling all over my body. It itches in the worst way possible, because it's like-- you know, it's like not like-- you can't just scratch and get it away.

ERIN ROBINSON: It's a little crawly.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It's like, if you move, it just like touches your skin. It is a little crawly.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Stop, you're going to give me itchy.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I love the color of it, surprisingly enough, because it's not a color I would go for usually. I don't like oatmeal. I also don't like oatmeal colored things. It surprises me that I like the color, but it looks comfortable, and I like things that look comfortable. It's not comfortable, though. So I honestly feel like it's very well made. I like the button detail as well. Yeah, all right, so for quality, I'd give have to give it a 5. For comfort, if I could give it negatives, I would. No one's cartwheeling in this. For fit, I would give it-- I give it right in the middle at a two. I don't know who this is for, you guys, I'm confused.

MADELEINE BYRNE: I'm really, really happy with this outfit. I don't know what's going on today, if something's in the water. I just feel like today was made for me. I'm really liking the way that these are fitting. I think the colors are really fun and cute. And trendy loungewear is like the thing. You wear it to work. You can wear it walking your dog.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I used to have a visceral reaction to puffer vests.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Now you like them?

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I mean, I like this better than a regular-- I don't think I could ever like puffer vests this much, but I like this.

ERIN ROBINSON: This looks like it would save your life if you fell in someone's pool and you get couldn't swim.

- Come back. Come back.

MADELEINE BYRNE: So, FYI, this vest, even though it looks like an XL is actually a medium. I've gotten word that they only make it in a medium.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: So, it's really a one-size.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yes, so it's like a one-size. I don't even know why they put a medium on it. Keep that in mind if you like this.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I feel like if people want the vest to look the way it looks on you, then that's also a bummer, because like not everyone is going be able to achieve the same look with this one size.

MADELEINE BYRNE: It would eat you up, yeah. It's a cool inspiration style, and maybe you could find your proper size and fit somewhere that has more range. So quality, I would give the vest a five. Comfort sups comf. Five clouds all around. Fit, fits like GD perfection angel. That being said, the sizing is a little whack, but give it a 5 because I'm comfortable.

All right, this is our dress / jumpsuit category. I have been dying to try something like this for a while. Like a full-on, just like 80s-inspired, leotard jumpsuit. I made it like a full outfit. I bought myself a little biker jacket to go with it, to give myself a ballerina off duty look. That's what I'm literally calling it. I've just made that up. And the jumpsuits actually only $40, I think that's pretty decent. The back is so cool.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It's really cute.

MADELEINE BYRNE: This is really the focal point of the outfit. It's really just like-- I just feel cool. I feel like you just roll into a bar-- remember bars?-- aww, four emojis. I don't know, this is so fun. Quality, I'm still going to give it a 5. Like for 40 bucks, I think this is sick. Comfort, five. Fit? Five, baby. Let's do you this.

ERIN ROBINSON: You look like the other girl in the driver's license song.

- (SINGING) She's everything I'm insecure about.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: So, I went for this faux leather wrap dress situation. I don't like it. It's just kind of a weird dress, like I feel like I would need to mess around with it a lot more to really see how I could make this better, but I also just really don't like the way this looks. it's shining kind of weird.

ERIN ROBINSON: It looks a little cheap. It looks a little cheap.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It's almost like garbage baggy. Yeah, like in a fake leather texture.

ERIN ROBINSON: I think in a different color, it would be able to-- but because it's black, you want it to look high quality for some reason.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: But yeah, no, I don't really like it, to be honest with you. I think it looks cheap. I think it feels kind of cheap. Like a little bit sweaty, and it's just not comfortable, and it's not for me. Yeah, so for quality, I'd give this like a 3 right in the middle. It's obviously not the worst thing, it's not going to fall apart. I just think it looks cheap. For comfort, I don't think it's comfortable. Also it's like really short.

ERIN ROBINSON: Which, you're a tiny human, so that normally doesn't happen.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: I definitely wouldn't be able to lift my arms up, because it is extremely short. I give this like a two. This sucks. I'm like, I hate this [BLEEP].

ERIN ROBINSON: OK, so I've been eyeing this Zara for a really long time. And I never had the balls to order it until now. And I'm really glad that I did, because I think it's really unique. I think it's really cute. Over the top without being over the top. I also think it's a little short. I mean, it's not--

MADELEINE BYRNE: No, stop hating it. You look incredible. I'm obsessed.


MADELEINE BYRNE: You can't find anything to hate.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It's like perfect for spring and summer, and you know it's like a thick material, but it doesn't look like super heavy.

ERIN ROBINSON: I really love it too. I just think if I could make it perfect, I would make it just a little bit longer. So for quality, I'm going to give it a five. I do think all the materials are really nice. For comfort, I'm going to give it a four. It is because it feels short to me. I think it doesn't only feel short here, but it feels short here. Like it's like knocking on Heaven's Door down there, you know what I mean? I'd rather it just be there, or like not there at all. --Not just kind of teetering on the edge.

For fit, I'd give it, I don't know. It's so hard. I think I'm going to give it a three, because I typically wear mediums and they fit me perfectly. I shouldn't have to feel like I have to size up almost like an entire size. And they're not size inclusive, so I just-- I don't know. So I have to give it a three, but I do really like it. It's really cool and fun and cute. I'm probably going to wear it again on this channel, so--

- Yeah, you absolutely should.

ERIN ROBINSON: --subscribe if you want to see me wear this in other videos. This is our wild card round and, Madeleine, I have to know, are you not going to wear your puffer?

MADELEINE BYRNE: OK, so I am trying to incorporate more puffers, and I saw this one on Zara's website. Very different than the other one. It's reversible, so it had this like cute little beige moment, which is so trendy right now. Has like a baby pink, and I was like maybe the beige will look kind of cool. Plot twist-- I don't like it with this outfit at all. It just doesn't match, like it doesn't make sense with the purple.

ERIN ROBINSON: The outfit feels very like warm weather, very like spring, and the puffer feels more like a transition into spring.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yeah, I was going to come out without it, but I did want to show you guys this vest because the last vest was a medium and was extremely oversized. This vest, you guys, is literally large/extra large. And it's like a baby toddler type vest, so just wanted you guys to keep that in mind. If you were looking at their sizing, and you were like oh well that was a medium, so blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No. They're all going to be different. But, I don't know. I just kind of think this outfit's cute and fun. This top is con. It's very fitted. It's like a one-size type of moment. I don't feel super comfortable in this. I would turn around and show you guys, but it's definitely a little see-through.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Oh just a little. White skirts are so tough. I like the way this sits on you too. That fits really nicely.

MADELEINE BYRNE: I don't hate the fit. I think white is just like really risky. I would say I really like the vest on its own. I would say fives for the vest all around. The sizing is a little like that this is a large/extra large, though.

ERIN ROBINSON: But it's so cute.

MADELEINE BYRNE: And then for this outfit, I would say quality is actually pretty good. It's definitely more I will give it a three for the skirt, five for the shirt. Comfort I'll give it an overall three, just because this is white-- maybe if this was black, I would actually probably give this all a five. Fit, I actually would give this all a five. It's fitting very well. It's a really stretchy, so if you guys are interested in something like that, I would say go for it, maybe get the black in the skirt. Back to you guys though. I want to talk, OK, I want to talk about you, Sinéad.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: This was the thing I was most excited for and thank God I like it because it was really truly one of the only things that spoke to me on the Zara website. It's extremely comfortable.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Sinéad, you look so good in red, first of all. You look incredible, and this looks sick. Like this looks expensive.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: It really does. I feel like it looks really considered, and it's this thing, this sweater really takes a workout outfit and makes it something completely different. It almost makes it like I feel like I would go out in this situation. Maybe do something different on the bottom, but I would definitely go out in these two things together.

ERIN ROBINSON: Where would you wear this to realistically?

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Me personally, I would wear this anywhere.

MADELEINE BYRNE: Yeah, like a hike or workout class.

SINÉAD DE VRIES: Yeah, you're giving me way too much credit. A hike or workout class, I like yeah. OK, so I would give this a four for quality, just because of this thread, this is awful. But I would give it a 5 for everything else, just because I would only drop it for quality. You will see me in this again, most likely on Instagram this weekend.

ERIN ROBINSON: So my wild card isn't the wildest card I've ever pulled on this channel. I've been wanting one of these satin white cream shirts. I've seen them all over Tik-Tok. They're so cute. I couldn't resist. I really like this. I think this is a very wearable to work, everyday-gal look. It looks exactly how I envisioned it in my head. It's nothing crazy. It's nothing show-stopping. I feel like womp womp next to you, because you look so incredible.

But I think if you are somebody who works in an office, or wants to go on like a brunch with your girlfriends-- It's a nice just everyday, easygoing outfit. For quality I am going to give it a 5. I think everything feels like well-made.. I feel comfortable. I feel like these jeans are going to last forever. They're great quality. Comfort-- I'm going to give it a four. The jeans are a smidge too tight. And I think I would definitely have to unbutton these in order to live my true life. so for fit, I'm also going to give it a 4. I think everything generally fits well. Overall, I think this is an outfit so many people could wear.