Massive Maine Coon Named 'Fast Eddie' Wins Cat Show and Captures Hearts

The judge isn't the only one who's dazzled by this beautiful cat.

Dog shows have become coveted events that feature some of the most famous animals in the world, but it's about time that cats join the game. Don't you think? The folks with the Cat Fancier's Association sure do, which is why they host cat shows around the world.

At a recent American show, a Maine Coon cat. named Fast Eddie took home the first-place title. This video from the New Vision Cat Club TikTok account makes it clear exactly why--he's a perfectly balanced boy!

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OMG, just look at Fast Eddie! He's such a gorgeous cat, but we were truly stunned when the judge picked him up to show off his length. He must be so tall on his back legs!

"I saw him at a cat show in Arkansas and took so many pictures," commented @catmomraven. "He’s so huge! I think he won that one too." We're not surprised! Fast Eddie is one of the most beautiful cats we've ever seen--just look at that coat--but it sounds like he's got some competition.

New Vision Cat Club replied, "he’s currently the number 1 cat in Premiership in CFA. But the white Persian Copperfield might overtake him after this weekend!" We're on the edges of our seats! It's a guarantee that we'll be checking this account for show updates over the weekend, but for now--we're just obsessed with this Maine Coon and his unbothered attitude!

"I love how he immediately goes to loafing," @itsmeyourdad wrote. Clearly, he's not nervous at all about being on stage! We'd bet that he even knows how fabulous he is. How could he not?

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