Massages and Psychics? 10 Crazy Amenities Just for Pets


Let’s face it, hotels really have gone to the dogs. (Photo: Plush Studios/Vetta/Getty Images)

There’s no doubt about it — today’s pets are spoiled. Sometimes we spoil our furry babies more than we spoil our children.

Traveling is no exception.

From doggie massages to organic treats to a pet psychic, these are some of the most over-the-top pet amenities in the world.

1. Canine Massage

dog massage

Sometimes your pooch gets a little tense and needs a nice rubdown. (Photo: Belmond Management Services SARL)

The Belmond Hotel Splendido and Splendido Mare in Portofino, Italy, gives a whole new meaning to “couples massage.” While you are enjoying five-star treatments, your pooch is, too. The property’s canine massage promises to release any tension and promote holistic wellness. The services don’t stop there; a full-service salon and a private dog taxi are also available.

2. Gourmet Treats

the best for dogs

When only the best will do (Photo: Trump Hotel Collection)

Trump Hotels around the world always ensure that their two-legged guests eat well, but their guests’ loyal furry companions do, too. The Trump Pets program provides in-room dining with irresistible gourmet treats that might even get you drooling. In addition, bottled water and plush toys can be put in your room to make sure your pet is just as happy as you are on vacation.

3. Pet Tapas

pet menu

From the Rancho Valencia pet menu: Shepherd’s pie, made with ground beef, potatoes, and peas (Photo: Rancho Valencia/Facebook)

At the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa in San Diego, California, pets are considered part of the family and are given the same outstanding service as human guests. Rancho has a special in-room Doggie Tapas menu featuring canine favorites. Also offered are places to play, pet-friendly shopping, grooming, and pet sitting. Upon check-in, pet guests receive a sampling of tasty doggie treats, “clean up after your doggie” bags, and a plush doggie bed.

4. Doggie Beer

cold dog drink

Everyone enjoys a cold one. (Photo: Brian Boucheron/Flickr)

At the end of a long day, all you want to do is kick back and have a brewski. Guess what? Your dog wants the same. At the Point hideaway on Saranac Lake in New York’s Adirondacks, pets receive a basket filled with Bowser Beer for Dogs, specifically the Beefy Brown Ale and the Cock-a-Doodle Brew. After lapping up a six-pack, your pooch can retire to his own fluffy flannel bed in the room, where Saratoga bottled water, tennis balls, and Bowser’s Bits (pretzel nuggets with no salt on the outside, baked with a light coating of peanut butter and naturally sweet molasses) await.

5. Canine Guest Service Manager

canine guest service manager

Maggie, the “canine guest service manager” at Twin Farms (Photo: Twin Farms/Facebook)

If you have a dog as outdoorsy as you are, then Vermont is the perfect locale to hike and run. Twin Farms, a luxury all-inclusive resort and spa in Barnard, Vermont, had the love of both of you in mind when they created the position of “canine guest service manager” — held by a golden retriever named Maggie, who hangs around the property to keep visiting dogs company and show them the ways of the land. Private trails and screened-in porches create that ideal outdoors environment that provides just as much a vacation for the pet as for its owner. Bonus: The property accepts dogs up to 100 pounds.

6. A VIP (Very Important Pets) Program

fancy dog food

It looks almost good enough for a human to eat. (Photo: Loews Hotels)

Just as any guest would be greeted with a warm welcome at the Loews hotels worldwide, so too are your pets. Upon check-in, every dog and cat receives welcome gifts, including a name tag, a bowl, and special treats. Once in the room, pets (and their owners) are provided with all the comforts of home, including pet beds, litter boxes, litter, scoopers, scratching posts, and “pet in room” signs to alert hotel staff. Room service is just as top-notch for you as for your companion, with gourmet food options for both.

7. Pet-Only Cottages

Dog lofts

Your pet will be right at home. (Photo: The Cottages & Lofts at the Boat Basin)

Nantucket is a playground for the rich and famous … and their pets. The Cottages and Lofts at the Boat Basin in Nantucket, Massachusetts, saves some of its best accommodations for those with furry friends. The Woof Cottages are 12 designated one- and two-bedroom cottages for guests with pets where dogs and cats are treated like royalty. All of your pet’s needs, including bedding, treats, toys, food, water, litterboxes, and personalized pet tags, are available to make summer vacation great for all members of the family.

8. Pet Psychic

dog treats

I see lots of treats in your future. Tell me about your mother. (Photo: coloroftime/E+/Getty Images)

Even our pets need a little time to reflect on the past and focus on the future, which is exactly what the glamorous Old Hollywood-inspired Hotel deLuxe in Portland, Oregon, offers, with options like pet psychics and pet psychologists. Fido can work through any “ruff” issues he may be having before relaxing with a good walk, massage, or treat.

9. Olympic Athlete Dog Walkers

fat dog

Fifi could stand to lose a few extra pounds. (Photo: The Paw Seasons/Facebook)

Sorry, humans, this top-notch hotel is for animals only. Your loyal friend will be waited on lavishly at the Paw Seasons in Bristol, United Kingdom, so you don’t need to worry while you’re away. Options available to make your pet feel pampered include personal chefs, surfing, Louis Vuitton collars, limousine transfers, Reiki treatments, pedicures, and British Olympic hurdler Dai Greene to take your pooch for a run. Mariah Carey recently dropped $25,000 to send her dogs there.

10. Designer Duds

dog hotel

You need to look the part. (Photo: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company)

Let’s face it, Manhattan is a 24-hour runway show. And the need to dress to impress trickles all the way down to our fur-coated friends. Never again will your pooch fear not looking her best when the weather is at its worst. The Ritz-Carlton is aware of this dire need and provides a loaner Burberry raincoat for your dog in case she needs to go out in bad weather.

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