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'Masked Singer' Fans Believe They Have Piglet Figured Out Already

Selena Barrientos
·2 min read
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From Good Housekeeping

  • Who is Piglet on The Masked Singer season 5? We're sharing Twitter and Instagram's top predictions below.

  • Right now, fans are guessing Piglet could be former 98 Degrees band member Nick Lachey.

This week, The Masked Singer is welcoming Group B back to the stage. Among the singers is Piglet, who may just be the cutest competitor ever.

While The Masked Singer season 5 has only just begun, but fans are already putting their guesses out there about who could be behind the adorable pink costume. You can take a look below at what folks are saying and get inspired to come up with your own predictions.

Who Is Piglet on The Masked Singer?

First, let’s begin by taking a look at the clues we know so far:

  • Piglet wears a short-sleeve buttoned-up shirt with green plaid suspender shorts.

  • Piglet has a green and yellow propeller hat.

  • In the first clue package, Piglet says he hasn’t always had luck with love and he’s “a bit of a hopeless romantic.”

  • Piglet admits to “dropping the ‘L’ word on the second date.”

  • Piglet is seen next to a single white rose, a bouncing magenta question mark and a cracked fortune cookie.

  • Piglet has “given away a few roses and the world saw [his] heart break” but he’s “learned that some flowers have very sharp thorns.”

  • Piglet has a pink heart tattoo with a blank banner and an axe on his left forearm.

After going over all the clues and watching Piglet’s first performance on repeat, here’s who the Masked Singer fandom thinks it could be.

Nick Lachey

Photo credit: Santiago Felipe - Getty Images
Photo credit: Santiago Felipe - Getty Images

Nick Lachey grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is known for its Flying Pig references. The flying component is incorporated into Piglet’s costume with his green and yellow propeller hat. Piglet’s overall look reminds fans of traditional German outfits, which may reference Nick's German-American roots. In the past, Nick was married to Jessica Simpson and the two starred in their own reality show about being newlyweds. The couple later on made headlines when they divorced. What’s more, Nick now cohosts Netflix’s hit dating show Love Is Blind.

Despite the many clues, many still believe that Piglet is from The Bachelor. “It does sound like Nick Lachey but there was a lot of Bachelor hints in the package,” one person wrote on Instagram.

We’ll just have to tune in to see if this guess is spot on or not. The new clue packages will hopefully tell us more. That said, we wouldn’t mind if Piglet sticks around for a bit — just look at how cute this costume is! Who do you think it is, though? Tell us in the comments below!

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