Mary-Kate and Ashley Wore Their Best Outfits in Two Of a Kind

Samantha Sutton

Growing up in the '90s, I had a simple checklist to determine what was cool: Did it have sparkles? Did it say 'Girl Power'? Was it embellished with daisies? And, would Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen approve? Like many people around my age, I idolized these sisters long before they were designers and businesswomen. However, it was only recently that I realized a little something: their outfits from the ABC show Two of a Kind were some of their best, and they're extremely underrated.

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Perhaps we don't talk about this 1998 TGIF installment too often because it only lasted one season. To refresh your memory, it revolved around twins who are total opposites (one's extra girly while the other's a tomboy), their single dad, and a too-cool babysitter (who eventually ends up living with them). Plus, for 22 episodes, the girls wore clothes that I wanted in my '90s wardrobe: ribbed striped shirts, platform sneakers, capri pants, twin sets, and must-have black slides.

While the series first premiered in September, the promo shots are dated for July 1998. So, on this anniversary of sorts, I present to you 12 Two of a Kind looks I would still wear right now (and will probably copy tomorrow).

Both of These Black Outfits

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Suddenly I feel the urge to buy a pair of side-snap track pants. Also, I promise you, Ashley's cardigan, floral skirt, and black slides combo wouldn't feel out of place in 2020.

Denim Overalls, a Ribbed Shirt, and Loafers

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

But mostly that ribbed, striped shirt. Aside from pairing it with overalls, it would look with a corduroy mini skirt or wide-leg jeans for the fall. I'm also into Ashley's green roll-neck sweater.

The Cutest Pajama Sets Ever

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Thanks to 2020, I now have a new appreciation for pajamas and comfy clothes. A baggy shirt and plaid shorts or a satin set both sound like looks I'd wear for three days straight.

Every Single Shoe in This Photo

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Platforms, floral combat boots, stretchy black slides — each pair is cuter than the last. Plus, as a twin set fan, I'm lusting after Ashley's matching floral printed tee and cardigan.

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These Sweaters

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Speaking of cardigans, how about that purple one? Or Mary-Kate's side-striped Bermuda shorts? Comfy yet super cute at the same time is the way to go.

That Collared Cardigan

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

It's a twist on today's polo trend. Plus, a denim jacket is never a bad idea.

More Must-Have Shoes

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Clean white sneakers never go out of style, and mysteriously pair well with everything from dresses to jeans. Plus, Mary-Kate and Ashley made a pair of those clear sandals for The Row, I'd definitely buy 'em.

That Midi Skirt

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

To be worn with a tank top and espadrilles in the summer, then styled with a chunky sweater and boots for the fall.

That Colorblocked Tee

It's the perfect amount of loose and a sweatshirt alternative.

A Black Mini Skirt, Tights, and Baggy Black Pants

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

I'm definitely feeling Ashley's preppy vibe (and again with the loafers!), but MK's black pants and black sneakers combo remind me of today's Miss Congeniality trend.

Chunky Sandals

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Ok, wait — they kind of did make a pair of these for The Row (Shop Similar: $990;

Cropped Jeans

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Showing us leg-lengthening tricks since childhood like true icons.

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