Marvel makes it official: Oscar Isaac is Disney Plus' Moon Knight

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Oscar Isaac
Oscar Isaac

Today, with a post on Twitter, Marvel Studios revealed that Oscar Isaac is going to play Moon Knight on what will surely be a very weird Disney+ show, confirming rumors that we heard back in October of last year. There’s not a ton of concrete info in the reveal, which features part of Isaac’s face, various examples of Moon Knight art from the comics, and the quote “WE ARE MOONKNIGHT” attributed to Isaac, but there are still a few things we can glean from it.

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For one thing, Isaac is definitely playing Moon Knight (or maybe it’s now stylized as MoonKnight, like WandaVision?). For another, it seems like the show is going to embrace the complex nature of the character’s backstory, which involves multiple personalities and superhero personas within this one guy, rather than sanding over the edges and taking the easy route—which, for Moon Knight, would just be saying “he’s like Batman but different.” We don’t know for sure how far Marvel is going to take this stuff, but the Venom-style “we” in the quote and the use of multiple different Moon Knight costumes and aesthetics in the art behind Isaac seem like good hints that Marvel has something fun up its sleeve.

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As for who Moon Knight is, here’s a primer: He was a mercenary named Marc Spector who died in Egypt and was resurrected by Kohnshu, the ancient Egyptian moon god, so he could promote the moon god’s agenda on Earth. That essentially means that he became a street-level superhero (more Daredevil than Thor), with his old Marc Spector identity serving as one of his personalities alongside his superhero Moon Knight persona, a Bruce Wayne-style billionaire playboy persona, a taxi driver, and other superheroes that he either imagines being or that he imagines appearing to him to offer him advice.

Disney+’s Moon Knight comes from The Umbrella Academy’s Jeremy Slater and will star Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy alongside the now-confirmed Isaac. Hawke is reportedly playing the villain, but when it comes to Moon Knight, that could mean a few different things. As for Isaac, entering the MCU makes this his second role in a major Disney franchise (he was in Star Wars!) and his second Marvel role (he was Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse for some reason!).