Marvel Just Dropped A Huge Kitchenware Collection Inspired By All Your Favorite Superheroes

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Photo credit: Marvel/BoxLunch
Photo credit: Marvel/BoxLunch

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Is it just me or are most kitchen gadgets kind of...boring? I'm guilty of filling my kitchen with plain white, black, or silver appliances too, but what if I told you that you could soon give your kitchen a super makeover? Well now you can, because today, BoxLunch and Marvel announced the launch of the Marvel Eat the Universe collection.

This line is an exclusive range of merchandise inspired by all of your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe and by Marvel's own YouTube cooking show Eat the Universe, hosted by celebrity chef Justin Warner. There are 43 items in this massive collection that rock some of your fav superheroes on them, and you'll want to take everything home with you ASAP.

“As a Marvel super fan, having the opportunity to create inspired meals and recipes for millions around the world to see has been a dream come true,” said Warner: “I’ve test driven the BoxLunch line and am really impressed with the functionality, style and performance. It’s definitely the ultimate go-to for Marvel fans of all ages.”

This is so much more than your standard superhero collection too. Trust me, one look at the designs and you'll know that these belong in your kitchen whether you know every secret of the Marvel Universe or if you just kind of know who The Hulk is. Some of our favorites include these slow cookers, shown at the top of this article, which come in two- and seven-quart sizes ($29.90 and $49.90 each) and feature illustrations like Captain America's shield, Rocket Raccoon, and Black Panther's mask on them, this Iron Man Waffle Maker ($39.90) that really prints his mask on your breakfast, and this adorable apron ($24.90) with a super-illustrations all over it.

But there's a ton more to choose from, like oven mitts, a mug, towels, coasters—you name it! Also on the list is the previously announced Marvel Eat The Universe cookbook that is coming soon to BoxLunch stores and for $29.99. You can use all your super new cooking supplies to make all the super food in this book. HOW FUN.

Seriously, that's just a FRACTION of the amazing things you can find in the collection so far, with more styles launching in-store and online in the coming weeks. You can check out the pre-sale here and get shopping! Oh, and BoxLunch donates a meal to a person in need for every $10 spent in-store or online through their partnership with Feeding America, so you can feel great as you do your shopping.

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