Martina McBride brought to tears by 19-year-old songwriter’s lyrics

Martina McBride picks an aspiring "Songland" writer’s song to be her next big hit.

Video Transcript

MARTINA MCBRIDE: There's something about this melody that evokes a almost physical reaction. You know how a great melody can just make you cry or whatever?

- Yeah.

MARTINA MCBRIDE: And I feel like this is that kind of melody.

- On Monday's "Songland," country music star Martina McBride was looking for her next big hit when she felt a connection to aspiring writer Halie's song "Girls Like Me"-- which, after a little workshop session with Esther Dean, sounded amazing.


- (SINGING) Here's to the girls at home [INAUDIBLE] alone with a cigarette and a bottle of whiskey. Here's to the girls like me.

- The revised song struck all the right chords with Martina, and even plucked a few heart strings.

MARTINA MCBRIDE: You know like when I said if this song had the right lyrics--

- Yeah.

MARTINA MCBRIDE: --it would make you cry? So that's what happened.

- Aw.

MARTINA MCBRIDE: It's so good.

- Fans at home shared in Martina's emotional connection, with one person tweeting "Didn't know watching Martina McBride cry would make me cry, but here we are. 'Songland' did that tonight." So when it came time for Martina to pick her next hit, it was no surprise she chose "Girls Like Me" and made Halie's dreams come true.

- I literally lay in bed at night dreaming of getting a song pitched to an artist, and my dream came true!