Martha Stewart's Favorite Cocktail Features A Citrus Zing And Top Shelf Vodka

Close-up of Martha Stewart smiling
Close-up of Martha Stewart smiling - Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Martha Stewart's favorite cocktail is one all citrus lovers can get behind. It's no secret that she is a big fan of the classic lemon drop martini, but because this signature drink comes with Stewart's seal of approval, it has a little something extra in the form of a Meyer lemon. It's also made with the media mogul's go-to Polish vodka brand: Belvedere.

Per Today, to create her lemon drop, Stewart shares that in addition to the squeezed juice from a Meyer lemon, top-shelf Polish vodka, and orange-flavored Cointreau, she also makes a lemon-flavored simple syrup using the zest of this beloved citrus that sends the taste of this adult beverage into overdrive.

Meyer lemons work so well in this martini because, likely being a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon, they are naturally sweeter than other lemons. They are also less acidic which can balance any additional acidic ingredients with sugary ingredients and create a more well-rounded flavor. The tangy, citrus flavor of the Meyer lemon makes it an easy addition to Stewart's lemon drop, as well as to your other favorite alcoholic beverages.

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It's All About The Vodka

Two lemon drop martinis with a jigger and sliced lemons
Two lemon drop martinis with a jigger and sliced lemons - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Belvedere vodka is smooth and has a clean smell and a peppery heat that contrasts with -- but also works seamlessly side by side with -- the lemon flavor. This premium Polish vodka is Martha Stewart's favorite for a reason and she generally keeps a bottle of it in her freezer for entertaining purposes. Belvedere vodka is made with rye and has sweet, nutty, and grassy elements that complement the lemony flavor with absolute precision.

It's the perfect brand of alcohol for your lemon drop. However, if you cannot find Belvedere, Stewart would tell you to reach for a bottle of her other favorite Polish brand: Zubrowka. If you like how Meyer lemon brings out and enhances the taste of your lemon drop martini, you may also want to try it in a French 75 or Meyer lemon gimlet. You will find that the flavor is milder and the aroma more potent.

Just remember the ice. Stewart has revealed that ice is her friend when she is drinking something with alcohol. She told All Recipes, "I like ice in my drinks because if I'm going to drink, it's one drink and I keep adding ice to it during dinner. I only drink one drink and I keep diluting it with ice."

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