Martha Stewart Shares Thoughts on Joining 'The Golden Bachelor'

If asked to become a part of Bachelor Nation, Martha Stewart said she wouldn't automatically turn the opportunity down. Instead, the home and lifestyle media mogul admitted to having some interest in being cast in a reality TV dating series–but only under one condition.

Stewart, 80, told Variety that she would join the cast of The Golden Bachelor, the new dating show for seniors, "if [she] gets to see the men first."

As for how serious she is about going through with a reality TV show in hopes of finding love, well, producers may want to find a few backups.

"I’m very busy. I have my beautiful cooking, entertaining and gardening shows which I’m very interested in, so I don’t think I would do a reality dating show," Stewart said.

She continued, revealing that, years ago, producers reached out and actually asked her to join the cast of a different reality TV show, an opportunity she said she had to turn down for similar reasons. "They did ask me to do Dancing With the Stars, but I didn’t have time to go out to California," she explained. "That would have been fun."

And while some people may use "I'm too busy" as a simple excuse to avoid making plans with people, it's likely accurate in Stewart's case as the TV personality only recently made history modeling for the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Despite being really busy, Stewart told reporters that she would still like to star in a movie. How she'll manage to fit filming it into her busy schedule remains to be seen, but with retirement out of the question, she certainly has the time to figure it out.

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