Martha Stewart Shares Her Tips for Painting the Perfect Wall

When it comes to painting we have seen some pretty incredible hacks that make the job a lot easier, because, well let's face it… it's kinda the most dreaded task of any home renovation or DIY project. We have seen genius ways of getting lint off paint rollers, painting baseboards the foolproof way, and the secret weapon for painting window trim without spending hours of time masking the glass off.

On August 26th, the DIY home and garden queen herself, Martha Stewart brought us her paint tips that we all needed, and that's for getting a perfectly smooth paint finish every time, check it out!

We all know her; the queen of cooking, gardening, style, and everything home related; Martha Stewart. She is perhaps the most popular icon and notable sweetheart with a side of sass and humor. Not only has Martha Stewart mastered the world of home and gardening but she has also mastered the art of graceful aging, which we swear she is aging in reverse, I mean did you see her cover of Sport Illustrated? Well if Marth offers advice for home DIYs it surely has to be good, and these painting tips of hers are top-notch!

Her advice is pretty straightforward and it promises to get a clean, smooth, and professional-grade paint look. She starts by mentioning its important to fill any holes and sand it down smooth with the wall; mask off all trim and areas you don’t want paint to touch carefully and precisely; stir your paint in the bucket with a stir stick which helps to create and even finish; use a tray to evenly distribute the paint on the roller; use a nice quality brush and paint along the masked off areas in a side-by-side painting motion; prevent streaks by painting with a roller while the edges of the trim are wet; roll from bottom to top working in small sections.

Thanks Martha for the tips!

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