Martha Stewart Shares the Absolute Easiest Way to Open a Stubborn Jar

As Martha says, it's "a good thing."

<p>Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images; Plateresca / Getty Images</p>

Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images; Plateresca / Getty Images

Having trouble doing something – anything — in the kitchen? Martha Stewart likely has the answer. That includes the easiest way to open a stubborn jar.

From how to bake the perfect pie to how to throw the ideal dinner party, Stewart knows all. Luckily for all of us, she’s happily shared her knowledge throughout the years in her magazine, on her TV show, and now, across social media, too. In fact, Stewart often mixes and mingles old and new media together by re-sharing classic clips from her show on her rather popular TikTok account, @marthastewart.

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In her latest TikTok, Stewart throws it back to one of her “Good Things” tips from her eponymous hit TV series, The Martha Stewart Show. In the quick clip, Stewart reveals one of the easiest ways to open a jar when the lid won't budge.

“Ever try to open a jar, and you just can’t get enough strength out of your hands,” Stewart asks as she picks up a flimsy “store-bought opener,” which she declares “will not work” to open the jar.

Instead, she reaches for a few rubber bands, which she places around the lid. And voilà — the lid easily comes off. “Three, fat rubber bands,” Stewart says. “They’ll really give you that grip you need to open a jar lid.” She then adds her famous, “They’re a good thing.”

Stewart’s team shares a few other ways to quickly open a jar on, including trying that silicone jar opener (which, according to this TikTok at least, Stewart herself isn’t a fan of), along with running the jar under hot water to loosen its grip and hitting it (gently) on the side of a table. The team also suggests the easy way out — just use a can opener to pry off the sides.

While Stewart certainly knows a lot, she’s not the only TikToker out there sharing hot tips for the kitchen. Just look to one of our favorite social stars, Jordan Howlett, for tips like how to open a soda can with ease. We’re sure Stewart would call this a “good thing,” too.  

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