Martha Stewart Handles Major Fashion Faux Pas With Grace

Martha Stewart doesn't have a care in the world when comes to fashion and what some others might consider a major faux pas, as the 82-year-old showed off her accidentally twinning on social media.

The businesswoman posted a trio of photos of herself and a friend at a recent dinner, with the two women matching in denim Chloe dresses and comfy shoes. The duo's similar haircuts added to the effect, despite it being completely unplanned.

Stewart wrote in the caption on Instagram, "@susanmagrino7 and I had dinner tonight at her house with her husband Jim Dunning. Funnily enough we both wore the same Chloe denim dress ! Thanks Susan and Jim for a delightful dinner and fun conversation."

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The 82-year-old followed this up with a little lesson on denim's introduction to the fashion industry, writing, "Years ago in the very beginning of high end designers discovering denim as a chic fabric for high fashion this dress ,with its raggedy unfinished hems, heavily outlined seams and facings." She added, "I loved it so much that I made a much simpler version for QVC where it sold out again and again...It is so comfortable!!!"

Responses to the dress in the comments were mixed, with some believing that it was "not flattering at all" and "hideous." However, many came to Stewart's defense, loving the fashion and how she was simply enjoying life with her friends.

"I have that dress too! Bought it on sale at Barneys😢. Timeless denim dress❤️," wrote a fellow enthusiast of the denim fashion.

"They're just friends having dinner, it's not a runway show," said another.

"Ditto that. All the tasteless insults wouldn’t make a difference. They have good taste. Shabby chic attire!" said a third, while a different fan called it a "couture coincidence!"

Recently, Stewart celebrated her 82nd birthday, and her fans came together to honor her by sharing everything she taught them over the years.

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