My Marriage Is Now a Cage Fight. Will My Kids Suffer?

Patrick A. Coleman



My wife and I had a big fight the other day about groceries. It was a dumb fight, but we were both on edge, frayed from stress, overworked, and, well, it blew up. The kids witnessed it because… in quarantine, how could they not? Our toddler acted up for the rest of the day and had his first massive tantrum. The grade-schooler said, “mommy, daddy, no!” and then closed herself in the room and didn’t want to talk about it again. 

The fight was a fight. We made up. It wasn’t that big a deal to us… but the kids can probably feel that energy still and are waiting for the next one. The thing is, there will be a next one, you know? How could there not be in this stressful situation? It won’t hurt our marriage — we know how to make up and all — but the kids are now on edge from the outside world (masks and no friends and all that) and … now inside. What can we do?

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