Market Movers Week 5: Chase Claypool has a monster performance while the Falcons are due for a downgrade

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon gives his insight on moves to make after week 5.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's talk market movers from week 5 of the NFL season. Now, one player who is clearly trending up after a monster performance is Chase Claypool, the rookie receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Scores four times today, 3 touchdowns through the air, one touchdown on the ground as a rusher in the red zone. He did it all for the Steelers. Led the team by a wide gap with 11 targets.

I think if we're honest with ourselves, we have to say that, look, Chase Claypool's emergence is going to be a pretty tough genie to put back in the bottle. He might shake things up in the target share in terms of guys like JuJu Smith-Schuster or Diontae Johnson as the two starters. I think Claypool is here to stay. He's going to be a factor the rest of the way.

A unit that I'm sort of holding strong on right now, I'm not adjusting too far positive, not overcorrecting negatively given what we saw in the first four weeks, is the Texans offense. It looks like the team has breathed a collective sigh of relief with Bill O'Brien out the door. And we saw Deshaun Watson, David Johnson had a solid game. Brandin Cooks was awesome. Will Fuller even found the end zone. This might be a unit that's starting to head on its way back up after a rough start to the season.

Now conversely, the Atlanta Falcons is a unit that we have to downgrade right now. Three straight weeks, Matt Ryan has been under 290 passing yards, and he has just one touchdown to two interceptions. I did not misspeak. He has just one touchdown to two interceptions for three straight games. It's time to adjust those expectations.

Now, things could change if Julio Jones gets healthy. Dan Quinn might be on his way out. That could shake some things up as well. But nevertheless, for now, it's time to reimagine our expectations in the current reality for this Falcons offense.