Will Mark Ingram strike it big vs. Kansas City on Monday night?

The FFL crew explains whether or not Will Mark Ingram go over/under 13.5 fantasy points on MNF.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Our third over/under, Matt teased it. It's gonna be Mark Ingram. And it's quite a total for Mark Ingram. 13 and 1/2 fantasy points in this one. I like it. I think this is an Ingram week. I want as many investments in this game as I can possibly get.

Kansas City-Baltimore, we're gonna see a zillion points in this one. That backfield tilted toward Ingram last week. I know it's kind of a hodgepodge. We got Gus Edwards involved, Dobbins occasionally involved. Mark Ingram is still the lead back there.

I am willing this to happen. I need it to happen. You can certainly run the ball against Kansas City. They gave up 5 yards per carry. We're gonna get a touchdown. We're gonna get 70 yards. I'm going over. Liz? Tell me I'm wrong.

LIZ LOZA: I am with-- no, I'm not going to. I'm not going to tell you you're wrong. I'm actually with you for many of the points that you already discussed. For me, Mark Ingram-- and I know it's difficult. You want a piece of this offense. You want a piece of this game, especially this Monday night game. I mean, I don't know from a real football perspective who can't be excited about it.

But Andy is 100% right. Mark Ingram is not only still the lead back, he is also the preferred pass-catching back. He has the most targets of this running back corps. So I think that, for that reason, he is going to get enough action in a high-scoring game that he can clear this line.

ANDY BEHRENS: You heard it, Matt. Andy is 100% right. Please confirm it.

MATT HARMON: No, not confirm. I mean, I don't really have a strong feeling here. But I figured I had to give some sense here with the under. And I gotta be honest with you. I'm starting Mark Ingram in a league because nobody's gonna turn their nose up to a starting running, sort of a starting running back, in a good offense at this point with all his injuries.

But let's just talk about this for a second. Mark Ingram-- 10 touches week 1, 11 touches week 2. You're basically counting on him scoring a touchdown. What if he doesn't score the touchdown? What if it's JK Dobbins? What if it's Gus Edwards who's still getting some burn?

I just think this is a line that could easily go under. It could go either way. But I'm gonna take under here simply to bring some difference to the situation here. I mean, this is a guy who's played 36% of the snaps in week 1, 42% of the snaps last week. It's just no lock that he's clearly gonna go over this line. You're, like I said, basically counting on a touchdown or bust. I could easily see it being bust.