Mark Cuban and Sean Hannity spend an entire interview yelling at each other

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban was on Hannity, Tuesday, where he spent the majority of the interview arguing with Sean Hannity about Donald Trump’s success as president.

Despite being a Republican, Cuban has openly endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president. And while he has been a frequent guest on Hannity, recent interviews have been increasingly argumentative as a result.

During Tuesday’s interview, Hannity often had an ad hominem response to Cuban’s arguments. For example when Cuban argued that the U.S. is losing grounding in international trade, Hannity replied, “I watch you on Shark Tank and you are so much better than this.”

The interview came to an abrupt conclusion when Cuban called out Hannity, and other Fox News personalities for offering up “softball questions” while interviewing Trump. “How did Mark Cuban become a billionaire?” said Hannity. “I've got to go.”

Despite the barbs being thrown back and forth, it is clear the two remain cordial. Hannity even promised to have Cuban back on his show the following week.

Video Transcript

MARK CUBAN: Are we going to spend this whole time just you listing details on Obamacare because we could talk-- you know what? Mexico's going to pay for the wall--

SEAN HANNITY: Why can't you just say-- Mexico is paying for the wall. You want to know how? We got a better trade deal. Trump did that.

MARK CUBAN: No, he didn't.

SEAN HANNITY: Yes, we did.

KYLIE MAR: Dallas Mavericks owner and "Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban was on "Hannity" Tuesday, where he spent the majority of the interview arguing with Sean Hannity about Donald Trump's success as president, or lack thereof.

SEAN HANNITY: China gave us more money than they've ever given. Canada gave us more money. Western Europe gave us more money, Mexico, Japan.

MARK CUBAN: No, they don't. They didn't give us more money.

SEAN HANNITY: Yes, they did!

MARK CUBAN: Are you talking about NATO?


MARK CUBAN: See, you don't even understand how NATO payments work after that.

SEAN HANNITY: How do you--

MARK CUBAN: That's just what they--

SEAN HANNITY: Hey, I watch you on "Shark Tank," and you're so much better than this.

KYLIE MAR: Cuban has been a frequent guest on "Hannity," but his endorsement of Joe Biden for president has made recent interviews much more argumentative. And while Hannity was willing to tolerate a discussion about the increasing deficit-- which Trump promised to eliminate-- he did not like Cuban's suggestion that Trump couldn't even answer his easy questions in a recent town hall.

MARK CUBAN: You gave Donald Trump the ultimate softball question.

SEAN HANNITY: Come on, Mark!

MARK CUBAN: Come on. You know Donald Trump can't answer your questions. You and every Fox interviewer gives him the easiest questions and he can't answer them. Why is that?

SEAN HANNITY: How did Mark Cuban become a billionaire? I need answers. I got to go. All right.

MARK CUBAN: You had a senator criticize you because--

SEAN HANNITY: I'll have you back next week.

MARK CUBAN: --you didn't take care of him.


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