Marina Squerciati Riles Up 'Chicago PD' Fans With Cryptic 'Burzek' Tease: 'This Is It'

Squerciati teases a big episode for fans of Burgess and Ruzek!

Attention Burzek fans—tonight is the night… at least, according to Marina Squerciati.

The Chicago PD actress, who brings Kim Burgess to life, riled up fans with a cryptic message and a photo alongside her on-again-off-again, on-screen love interest Adam Ruzek, played by Patrick Flueger.

In the shot, Squerciati can be seen standing in plush white robe while Flueger—in sweats, a black tee, and a gray hoodie—has his arm wrapped around her. They both hold up the thumbs up sign, indicating good times ahead. Or maybe they were just happy to wrap on filming for the evening… who really knows?

“Burzek fans,” she begins, addressing the Burgess and Ruzek fandom by their ship name, adding, “tonight is the night to watch!!”

She continued: “This photo is a clue I’m dropping… I’ve said too much,” along with a “shh” emoji.

The actress also shared a teaser for the March 29 episode, titled “Out of the Depths,” with the caption, “Tonight is one of my favorite episodes ever in #ChicagoPD history.”

She then added more fuel to the fire, writing, “AND if you are a Burzek fan...this is the one to watch. I'm not teasing you; I'm telling you. THIS IS IT!”

The trailer focuses primarily on Burgess as she deals with the trauma and aftermath of her near-fatal shooting, as she tells her therapist, “my whole life doesn’t have to be colored by something that happened to me a year ago.”

In previous episodes, she addressed the PTSD that was bubbling up to the surface due to recent cases that reminded her of the traumatic events she never fully dealt with, which have impacted not only her police work—in the promo Voight asks Burgess to tell him if there’s anything he needs to know about how she’s coping—but also her relationship with Ruzek, who has expressed an interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with Burgess whenever she’s ready.

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Fans have also been rooting for Burzek—who are co-parents to Burgess’ adopted daughter, Makayla—for several seasons, hoping that the formerly engaged couple would eventually find their way back to each other.

And it’s safe to say, Squerciati’s teases successfully sent fans into a spiral, with one commenting, “Marina!!! Are you telling us what I think you’re telling us?! Burzek fans cannot be played with anymore we’ve been through so much. I hope this is it.”

“I'm ready for this since...ever! definitely watching and calling all #burzekarmy ❤️,” another added, with a third chiming in, “I will be seated and may or may not throw the remote when Burzek happens.”

Twitter also had some *strong* feelings:

You heard the lady, don’t miss tonight’s episode of Chicago PD airing on NBC at 10/9C.

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