Marilyn Manson to surrender to authorities on New Hampshire assault warrant

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Brian “Marilyn Manson” Warner is set to surrender to Los Angeles authorities this weekend, in response to a warrant issued against him stemming from an incident in New Hampshire in 2019. To be clear, the incident in question—in which Warner is alleged to have spat on a camera person filming one of his concerts—has no connection to the many allegations of sexual assault and harassment that Warner has faced since early in 2021, when multiple women came forward with accounts of the musician’s abusive treatment of them. Most recently, former partner Esmé Bianco issued a lawsuit against Warner and his former manager over their treatment of her, but that’s a civil suit; the LAPD has said that it’s investigating the abuse claims, but no criminal charges have been brought up in regards to them as of yet.

Instead, Warner is set to surrender in regards to an event that happened during a concert in Gilford, New Hampshire in August of 2019. According to the videographer in question, Manson both spat on her and launched a “snot rocket” onto her over the course of the performance. The subsequent warrant for his arrest was actually issued way back in October of 2019, but was only publicized by the Gilford Police Department recently.

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Per Deadline, Warner and his lawyers have set up an agreement for him to hand himself over to authorities in Los Angeles, where he’ll then be charged and booked. There’s no word yet on when his New Hampshire court date might arrive; when it does, he’ll be facing two charges of Class A misdemeanor simple assault. Gilford Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee told The New Hampshire Union Leader that, despite criticism that have been lobbed at his department over the decision to pursue the warrant, “It has forced Mr. Warner to finally address his outstanding NH warrant, which will, in turn, allow the victim of the crime to have her say/day in Court in order to hopefully hold Mr. Warner accountable for his actions.”