Marie Osmond shares her quarantine obsessions

Marie Osmond on her quarantine obsessions.

Video Transcript

MARIE OSMOND: Hey, everybody. Marie Osmond here. And I'm going to tell you what I have been obsessed with during quarantine.


You must have, especially doing Zoom things-- these slippers are made by Dolce Vita. So they're not like super expensive, but, oh my gosh, they're butter. So when quarantine happened-- because I'm one of the founders of Children's Miracle Network, these kids know me. And they were worried about me. And so they made these chains. And you'll see it says Marie on there.

I love always having them on my neck. And so must have a chain. And now you can buy them. They can take glasses. But they're really cute, and they're kind of like jewelry.

The other thing that I think is fun, stress balls. You must have those. Because I'm ADD, and it's really good. Keeps me focused when I'm talking.

I am the spokesperson for Nutrisystem. And people say, you know, why are you still doing this after 14 years? Because it changed my life. It was no longer about losing weight. It was more about staying healthy.

These will change your life. They're called NutriChocolates. But you know how when you eat candy and then you kind of get that, oh, I'm tired afterward? These have like a protein in them. And I'm addicted.

The other thing I love is this company called Tea Forte. I love chamomile, peppermint, things like that. They come in these cute, little packages. And they come-- you can get these little mugs in pink and green, whatever. It has a little hole in the top. So it keeps it warm, and it's so cute. Isn't that darling?

These are made by Beyond Yoga. These are a must-have because we always dress from here up, but on the bottom half, comfy. You will live in them. You will sleep in them. You will go to the grocery store in them. Oh. [LAUGHS]

If you haven't heard of this brand, get these because they're really awesome. And those are like the things that I think are necessary for COVID. Drink your good herbal teas, wear a mask, comfy slippers, good pants, and little stress ball once in a while.