Marie Kondo Helped Jimmy Kimmel Tidy His Office and the Stuff They Found Is Hilarious

The Marie Kondo craze has hit late night! Jimmy Kimmel and the famed tidying expert recently tackled the talk show host’s office, and the results were as hilarious as you’d expect.

“I had a nightmare about this,” Kimmel told Kondo and her translator Marie Iida on the Tuesday, January 29, episode of his show. “I woke up upset because I dreamed you came in my office and started destroying my things.” Kimmel, a self-professed pack rat, admitted that he hadn’t cleaned his office in 16 years, and Kondo quickly put the host at ease.

The newly minted Netflix star kicked things off with her customary greeting of the space. From there, she helped Kimmel identify his tidying goals and then quickly went to work — starting with a drawer full of several pairs of black socks.

“I have to wear them for the show,” Kimmel explained after admitting that they don’t necessarily spark joy.

“Thanks, socks, for always being there in the drawer,” he said as he held each pair and started paring down his collection. “For protecting my feet and keeping them warm and for all the other great things you do.”

The duo quickly moved on to the bookshelf, desk, and other shelving units. “It really is embarrassing when you stop and take a look at it,” Kimmel said of his clutter. He then uncovered a pair of pants, an emergency ladder (?!), a dead cockroach (NOPE), a sculpture of his grandfather’s head (sure), and a box of Trix cereal that had been autographed by R&B icon Oran “Juice” Jones.

After the tidying process, Kimmel admitted to feeling “more stable emotionally” — even if he wasn’t able to keep the mess at bay for long.

Watch the entire clip above.

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(photo via ABC/Randy Holmes)