Mariah Carey’s Latest Outfit Is Already Inspiring Our Holiday-Party Mood Boards

Mariah Carey’s Latest Outfit Is Already Inspiring Our Holiday-Party Mood Boards
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November may have just started, but Mariah Carey is already getting us excited for holiday party season.

For a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, the superstar showed up in a spectacular minidress completely covered in black and gold sequins. The sparkling strapless piece featured gold trim (which looks pretty similar to strips of tinsel) across the bust, down the center, and on the hemline. It also included decorative gold and onyx buttons down the length of the dress.

Carey finished off the look with more black and gold elements, including a black cardigan with tiny gold buttons and a pair of metallic gold and silver platform heels. She further accessorized with black butterfly sunglasses, a diamond tennis necklace, and stacks of diamond-encrusted bracelets.

los angeles, ca november 02 mariah carey is seen at jimmy kimmel live on november 02, 2023 in los angeles, california photo by rbbauer griffingc images
RB/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Carey, the self-proclaimed queen of Christmas, recently kick-started the holiday season with a video skit she dropped on November 1, the morning after Halloween.

In the Instagram Reel, cloaked ghouls, skeletons, and pumpkin heads blow-dry a block of ice, which contains Carey’s frozen figure. The ice finally breaks down once she sings, “It’s ti-IIIIIIIME!”

Carey spoke with Harper’s Bazaar in 2021 about her love for creating holiday music. “I have this thing where I don’t want Christmas music to become bland for me or take away a little bit of the festival,” she said, adding that she even adorned her studio with Christmas decorations. “I know it sounds dramatic and silly and whatever, but it matters to me. … I just still like to see those lights. I like to see it when I’m singing, because the song goes, ‘We gotta fall in love again at Christmastime.’”

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