Mariah Carey Twins with Her Pups in Totally Precious Photo

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On October 28, 54-year-old 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' superstar Mariah Carey shared an adorable photo of her twinning with her two Jack Russell Terrier dogs on Instagram.

Just look at how cute this is!

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Carey wore a white quilted mini-dress that perfectly complimented the fur on her little dogs. “Me and DemPuppies,” Carey wrote in the Instagram post, which showed the singer holding her two dogs in each arm.

According to Celebrity Pets, Mariah Carrey has six dogs, all of them are Jack Russells. She once admitted to spending $35,000 a year on spa treatments for them all. She had also sent the pack on a private jet from NYC to London for a vacation at a luxury dog hotel.

@Eddie comments, "I see 2 puppies and 1 hot tamale." LOL! @James hilariously adds, "Songwriting legend. Vocal legend. Beauty legend. Comedic legend. Humanitarian legend. Chart legend. Christmas legend. All this and she’s only 12 years old." She does looks like she's aging back words!

Carey shared a clip on Instagram about six months ago where she introduced her fan base to two additional family members, adorable rescue kittens she named Nacho and Rocky Jr.

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The cute kitties were adopted from the Best Friends Animal Society, who thanked her in a comment on her Instagram post.

It's always so awesome when famous people choose to adopt pets, and we hope that inspires others to do the same.

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