Mariah Carey Announces the Addition of Two Adorable Furry Additions To Her Family

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Summer passed just as quickly as it came and while some of us are saddened by the fact the sun is setting sooner and the weather is cooling, others are distracting themselves from the fast-approaching autumn with a new member of the family. Or in this famous household, two new furry members of the family.

In a farewell post to summertime, Mariah Carey announced the addition of two adorable furry members to her family. To say we’re obsessed would be the understatement of the year. She shared a photo of the growing family to her X account, @mariahcarey. Check it out!

Aww! We love it when celebrities share glimpses into their lives and show that they have pets just like we do. We mean, come on, what person wouldn't want to own a pet? They bring so much joy to our lives. Plus, whether the animal knows it or not, pets are good for our health.

The photo shows the singer with her twins holding up two orange kittens with the biggest smiles on their faces. They named the kittens Nacho and Rocky Jr. O.M.G. Nacho?! Why is that the best name for an orange cat? LOL!

It is believed that she adopted the kittens, although it is not yet confirmed, according to a Parade article. The article states the reasoning behind this belief is due to the fact the official Instagram account Best Friends Animal Society commented on the Instagram photo, "Thank you for adopting, Mariah! - Kasey." If that's the case, we should celebrate the family's new addition even more because adopting is oh-so-important. We'll preach it forever and always - adopt, don't shop.

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