Mare Of Easttown receives Pennsylvania’s highest honor: A Wawa hoagie

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Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

Wawa is a way of life in Pennsylvania. With its fluorescent lights shining from the ceiling onto aisles of pretzel twists, Utz potato chips, and peanut chews, like beams from the heavens, the convenience store chain is nothing more than God’s country to Pennsylvanians. So who better than Wawa to bestow its highest honor (a sandwich) upon its most beloved daughter: A cop who planted drugs in the car of her grandson’s mother, Mare, of Easttown, that is.

HBO’s whodunnit of the month, Mare Of Easttown, is getting a Wawa cheesesteak hoagie (pronounced: hoogie). In celebration of the chain’s Mare Of Easttown day tomorrow, the chain launches the “Mare Of Easttown Spicy Cheesesteak.” Wawas throughout Delaware County will sell the sandwich from June 10 through June 17, so you better act fast if you want a bite of Wawa’s murder sandwich. What does the fictional murder of a teen taste like? Beefsteak, spicy pepper relish, and cheddar cheese. Nevertheless, Wawa chickened (or beefsteak’d?) out regarding what kind of dairy to use. Surely, Mare would prefer Cheez Whiz for her cheesesteak.

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In addition to the sub, the first 100 customers at Wawa’s new Delaware County location get a free coffee and t-shirt. Finally, you can be the Mare Of Easttown fan of your dreams, wearing a Delco Wawa t-shirt spotted with grease stains. Nothing better than that.

Wawa is a focal point on the show, giving it that Delco County flavor. Kate Winslet told the L.A. Times, “It almost felt like a mythical place [...] To me, that was the heart of Delco. I’m here, I belong, this is where it’s at.” Still, the show lacked arguments over what store residents prefer (QuickChek, 7-11, or Wawa), which is a strike against the show’s authenticity.

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