Mare Of Easttown: The questions that still need answering after the finale

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Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

If you can't already tell, we loved Mare Of Easttown. Gritty, thrilling, emotional, heartwrenching... The Kate Winslet drama had it all. Centred around the murder of a teenager, a web of connections and clues begins to emerge, culminating in a finale which aired on Monday [31 May.]

And while it was a mostly satisfactory ending, there are some questions that still need answering from Easttown. *Spoilers*

Who was that looking into the window in episode one?

The first episode of Mare Of Easttown sees the police detective visit Mr and Mrs Carroll, who are complaining of a neighbourhood peeper looking through the window at their granddaughter. Who was it? Was it Ryan? A Ross? We need answers.

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

Why was Erin naked when she was found?

Ok, so the finale revealed that Lori and John's son was responsible for Erin's murder, after he accidentally shot her when they were fighting over the gun. Dad John and Uncle Billy then went to hide the body, hence how they ended up covered in blood. But why was she naked when police found her?

Where did Dylan go in the middle of the night, and why was he so shady with police?

So we now know that Dylan wasn't responsible for murdering Erin, even though her father (and for a time, Mare), thought he was. But why did he disappear from his house in the middle of the night when she was murdered? Was he really driving around for a smoke? And why was he so shady towards Mare and the police detectives if he had nothing to hide?

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

If John and Erin's affair started the night of the family reunion, when did the necklace come into it?

John Ross revealed in the finale that he and Erin had started their affair at the family reunion, when he went to her cabin looking for brother Billy. But that doesn't explain when - or why - the locket with the date on it came into it. Also, how long was the affair going on for after DJ was born?

Why did Dylan burn the journals?

If Dylan had kept the journals, it would've put other people in the frame for Erin's murder and potentially cleared him of any guilt. While we know he wanted to keep custody of DJ with his parents, it seems backwards to put himself at the centre of a murder investigation in order to do so.

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

Why did Evan Peters have to die?

Answers please.

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