Marcus Caston Teases New Season Of 'Return Of The Turn'

Instagram/Marcus Caston

Professional skier Marcus Caston is teasing a new season of his popular web series Return of the Turn.

Today, Caston posted an Instagram video of him tearing up a backcountry line with the following caption: "Filming for Return of the Turn. New episodes coming out soon!"

As you might've guessed by the title, Return of the Turn is all about the, y'know, turns. It's Caston's specialty: fast, precise skiing -- conditions be d*mned.

In one previous episode of Return of the Turn, Caston hit Alta and Snowbird, Utah, for some early-season charging.

Yep. The guy skis fast. Anticipate similarly aggressive skiing with Caston's upcoming episodes of Return of the Turn.

Admittedly, a few years ago, when I was a freestyle-focused fan of skiing, I found the whole Return of the Turn thing to be a bit silly. I often wondered what the point of a ski video without any tricks was.

However, since then, I've come around to what Caston's selling. Turns, in a way, are the original ski trick, and when executed flawlessly -- as Caston does -- they look pretty darn good.

Plus, I find episodes of Return of the Turn to be a little more relatable than standard ski movie fare. Of course, I don't ski like Caston -- most skiers don't -- but I can better understand a day spent skiing fast than a triple cork 1080.

Something tells me a lot of you readers probably feel similarly. If you fall into that camp, stay tuned. Caston has some inspiration for you aspiring aggressive alpine skiers on the way.

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